Our veterans have already done so much for our country – now it’s time for us to serve them.

Hosted by DSM, Sal Lauretta for Men, Lunar Sports Group and Biltmore Tuxedos, our first annual golfing event to benefit Backpacks for Life took place on August 31, 2015 at the North Jersey Country Club in Wayne, NJ. Through this event, we were able to raise over $28,000 to support homeless veterans. Additionally, 350 backpacks filled with supplies were donated to benefit this cause.

backpacks for life golf outing 2015

Backpacks for Life is a nonprofit organization aimed at raising money and collecting supplies to donate to homeless veterans. Their mission is to serve as a support system as these veterans re-enter society, providing assistance with tasks like securing a job, finding housing and giving supplies needed for everyday life. Events like our recent golf outing are hosted to collect money and backpacks for the organization, but donations can also be submitted through their website at any time.

These donations not only provide homeless veterans with simple materials needed for everyday life – they also serve as a source of hope. Backpacks for Life is still accepting donations, including supplies and monetary gifts, and every little bit is appreciated. For more information on this organization and to see how you can help, visit Backpacks for Life’s website.

All photos courtesy of Backpacks for Life.