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Our Marketing Agency Launches "Wristband Revolution"

wristband revolutionI have the honor of introducing you to our blog and this year’s Wristband Revolution. When all was said and done with last summer’s epic Wristband Revolution, Dayna and I stepped back and wondered how we could ever top it. When it came time to plan this year’s contest, we wracked our brains trying to come up with an idea that would be even better than the last. We had no intention of changing any of the parameters, until a great idea dawned upon us. We think it may even have the potential to top last year – something we did not think we could ever do. We want to use this opportunity to give back to our community and do something good, and so this year’s Wristband Revolution was born!
In 2000, a movie came out by the name of Pay It Forward. Although I did not see the movie until I was a senior in high school, I like to believe that the movie parallels my life. Trevor, played by Haley Joel Osment, attempts to make the world a better place by repaying good deeds not with payback, but with new good deeds done to three new people. In this case, my dad would be Trevor and my two sisters and I would be those three new people. As my two sisters and I were growing up and still to this day, my dad has always been an involved person. Involved in what you might ask? The answer is (literally) everything.
When I was in Kindergarten he proposed and created a children’s garden at my school. Every Saturday, for several years, my sisters and I would go to the garden and pick the weeds, plant crops, and then pick them when they were ready. The fresh produce was then donated to a local food pantry.
A few years later, the circus came to town to support our local Education Foundation. Of course my dad was the chair of the event and my sisters and I were by his side. We helped to sell tickets, collect them on the day of the event, and pick up garbage off of the field to assure it is just as clean as it was when we got there. The money raised at this event went straight back to the school to fund education field trips, to get new books in the library, computers, etc.
When I reached high school, I used this new network as my own personal opportunity to pay it forward. I got involved in various service organizations including Student Government and C.A.R.E. Besides the numerous $5 dress down days to support various causes, there was the Children’s Christmas Party. Every Christmas, I would take part in this event that was held at the Meadowlands Race Track, this event was meant for the under privileged children of New Jersey. In order to attend the event, you were required to bring a gift for a child. We spent the day eating and playing games with them and of course Santa came and brought them gifts.
As cliché as it might sound, everyone can make a difference and every little bit helps! So, now I ask you to pay if forward and do something good for the world. Oh, and don’t forget your wristband!


A Different Brand of Revolution

IT’S BACK! Last summer, DSM’s Wristband Revolution was exactly that: a revolution! The social media campaign reached thousands of people across the globe, and the DSM gang still wants to kick it up a notch. This year, DSM decided that it would use its power to lend a helping hand and start a different revolution; one that truly matters. Last year, they asked to see what their friends could do with their creativity skills, and now – they want to see what their friends can do for the benefit of others. This year’s wristband revolution contest goal: to capture every helping hand…with an orange wristband on it.
DSM chose to support Street 2 Street, a sports tournament program for the inner city youth. Street 2 Street is a part of Athletes in Action, a nationwide program that builds spiritual and hopeful movements through the platform of sports. Now you have to choose who you want to help!
Here is how it is going to work: DSM will be selling its nifty orange wristbands for $2.00 a piece. Every dollar raised will go directly to Street 2 Street. At the end of the summer, they are going to ask everyone to cast their votes for the best display of volunteering and DSM will personally give the best picture/video $500.00 towards any charity of their choice.
Here is the challenge: We want our revolutionists to take a picture or video with their wristbands on, showing us how they lend a helping hand to others.
Dates: Photo and Video submissions will be accepted Friday 6/1/12 through Friday 9/7/12. The top 3 winners will be announced and voting will begin on 9/13/12. Voting will take place on the Street2Street Facebook page and will end on 9/27/12. The winner will be announced on 9/28/12.
How to submit: There are numerous ways to submit your picture and/or video. They include; post it on our Facebook Wall (, Tweet us (@The_DSM_Group), upload it to Youtube and send us the link, Email us ( or, or send it to us via snail mail (599 Franklin Ave, Franklin Lakes, NJ, 07417)
When you submit your picture and/or video we do require some information. Please make sure to include your name, your email, your address (street, town, state, zip code), your phone number, a description of the photo, the charity of your choice, if your 18 and under the consent form with your guardians signature in your submissions.
For more information about how to get involved make sure you check DSM’s Facebook Page for updates…the Revolution is coming!
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