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Darren Magarro Nominated As a Finalist For 2014 Small Business Award

The Founder and President of DSM, Darren Magarro, has been nominated as a finalist for the SmartCEO magazine Small Business Award for 2014.

What is SmartCEO?

SmartCEO is an award-winning magazine published in Baltimore, Washington D.C., Philadelphia and New York City that includes local success stories of small businesses and articles written by key opinion leaders. Their mission is to inspire and educate local growing company owners, by offering advice, analysis and tools.

What is the Small Business Award?

The Small Business Award recognizes companies in the Greater New York City Area for outstanding businesses in 10 various categories and are chosen based on their impact in their specific industry and their market leadership.

The finalists of this award nomination will be featured in the SmartCEO November/December issue. The finalists are also honored as high-energy events that bring their success stories to life.

Why Darren’s a Great Candidate

Darren Magarro Nominated As a Finalist For 2014 Small Business AwardDarren has been nominated as a finalist for the “Sales and Marketing” category for his accomplishments at DSM. After founding the company in 2007, the company has doubled in size in the past year alone. With an “eye on the prize” attitude, DSM is able to go above and beyond client expectations.

Not only is Darren a natural leader around the office, he is also never afraid to ask for help, as he feels that everyone should be learning and growing, even if they are a brand new employee or the CEO.

He doesn’t shy away from knowledge or offering insight to anyone, whether it be an intern or a student who reaches out to him, he makes it a point to help everyone.

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