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How Taking It Slow Can Improve Your Customer's Experience

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In a modern, tech-driven society, there is a lot of emphasis on getting things done as fast as possible. Social media, online shopping, reading Top 10 lists, everything is made to be consumed at a quick pace, but sometimes that’s not what a potential customer wants from your business.

Slowing Things Down

While technology may promote a fast-paced lifestyle, it also makes it easier to take the time to do your research and educate yourself before making a commitment. Rather than forcing someone into a fast decision, a potential customer should be given the option to commit halfway, or complete a number of steps towards a finalized result rather than being forced into making a move.

Forcing a customer to commit may also force them to seriously reconsider their other options before completing the rushed process, and can eventually drive them away from your business altogether. Similarly, acting as fast as possible can also mislead a customer into a potentially negative experience with your business.

Using the Inbound Strategy

The very basis of inbound marketing is the idea that when a customer is ready for something, they will seek it out, and commit to the best option instead of the one that they are forced to consider by in-your-face, interruptive marketing. No one likes being forced to act on impulse when it comes to working with a business, and eliminating this uncomfortable situation will make for a much more memorable and enjoyable experience for interested customers.

Some options for slowing down a potential customer’s journey can involve something as simple as allowing them to subscribe to a newsletter or get better acquainted with your business in some other way before committing their time and money to you. By doing this, the customer will know where to come when they’re ready to make a decision, instead of being forced to act on impulse.

Embrace The Journey

The process is sometimes the most important part of a customer’s journey.

Consider this example: the 1979 film Apocalypse Now. A Vietnam-era retelling of the novel Heart of Darkness, this movie tells the story of Captain Willard and his attempt to track down and capture the elusive Colonel Kurtz. The bulk of the film consists of Willard’s journey down the river and his experiences in his search. Kurtz doesn’t even show up until the film’s final act. If the journey down the river had been compressed into a quick montage or taken out altogether, the film would be meaningless, but sometimes the process is the most important part of the journey.

The same is true of your customer’s experience. Let them take the journey down the river before rushing them to the final act of their experience with your business.

Research, subscriptions, e-books, and other half-steps are the potential customer’s journey. By incorporating these elements, the customer will know where to come when they’re ready to make a decision, instead of being forced to act on impulse. Completing half-steps in their journey with options such as a newsletter or free e-book will let the customer know that you care more about the quality of their experience than trying to make money off of them.


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