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Do I Need to Worry Aboout Google’s Algorithm Changes?

Google updates its search algorithm more than 300 times a year, and each time it does, “SEO” companies (read: the competition) go scrambling.

“This changes everything!” They scream as they furiously and fervently try to figure out how to “beat the system” again.

This trend of “change and complain” happens more and more often as these agencies continue to try and game the system for instant results. If only they knew the one secret to dominating search results year in and year out, even when Google decides to change their algorithm. A quality content marketing campaign.

Creating a Better User Experience with Quality Content

To some it may seem obvious, to others (the competition) it may seem like a foreign language, but the number one tip for ranking high in Google is to write Grade A, quality content.

Writing good content means writing for humans, not for Google. Sure, you’ll need to do some keyword research to find out what people are searching for within your industry, but like many things in life, there’s such a thing as taking it to far. The point of a blog post is to inform readers about a specific service, feature or industry trend, not to cram in as many keywords as possible so you can rank for everything under the sun.

Remember, your website is an extension of your brand. Users’ interactions with your company’s website is often times their first exchange with your business and, as they say, first impressions matter.

By writing informative content, you’re giving users a positive experience with your brand. You’re seen as knowledgeable and helpful, and that can translate into leads. Writing good content is the best way to capitalize on your brand and show users what you are all about. These posts allow for better interaction, whether it be via comments or social media, and it generates a better user experience.

How Does Content Help Me Rank Higher?

Good content will get shared. It’s as simple as that. By writing good content, you’ll get more websites linking to you, social media shares, views and, in turn, leads.

Imagine you write a really great piece about something new in your industry. That post will get shared via Facebook and Twitter, and other blogs may link to that post in the future. All this tells Google that you know what you’re talking about, which leads to higher rankings.

By posting regular content on your company’s blog, Google will lend your website more credibility, which will propel your company to new heights in search results. This “freshness” can be in the form of one to two posts a week, up to everyday. The more you post, the faster you’ll see results.

Final Thoughts

Any SEO agency worth its salt already knows this. As you churn out well-written and informative content, you’ll be in a great position for years to come, even as Google continues to change it’s algorithm. You’ll watch all your competitors fade away in your proverbial rear-view mirrors as you continue to write great content and dominate search rankings. Want to see how they’re doing? Better go back into the second and third page of Google, because you’ll be all over the first. Gone are the days of keyword stuffing and “black hat SEO,” and here are the days of quality content that’s purpose is to inform. All I can say is it’s about time.

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