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How VR and AR Have Changed Marketing

I’m sure that by now you’ve heard of virtual and augmented reality. If you haven’t you’re most likely living under a rock. Seriously. Virtual and Augmented reality, otherwise known as VR and AR, are two of the hottest trends right now, and for good reason. You get to immerse yourself in another world and another experience. I mean, who doesn’t want that?

Here’s a little history. The term virtual reality actually comes from a 1982 science fiction novel by Damien Broderick. VR didn’t really become popular until around 2010. However, companies like Sony have been perfecting this technology for almost 10 years and people are now starting to use VR almost daily. Augmented reality has less commercial use, but it’s heavily used by businesses for marketing purposes.

There are so many famous companies that use VR and AR, with two of the most popular being Sony and Google. The big shots. Both are constantly improving their models of VR and AR to both compete with each other and provide the best product possible. Because of this, VR and AR are becoming better than ever and are changing the game, especially when it comes to marketing.

Virtual and Augmented Reality in Marketing

Now, more than ever, companies are implementing new technology in their marketing strategies. VR and AR are being used by popular companies, like Domino’s and Lowe’s, for example, in their latest marketing strategies.

Dominoes has been running a recent promotion where you can scan any type of pizza to get domino’s piece of the pie rewards. All you have to do is scan the pizza and the rewards pop up your phone in 3D. Lowe’s uses virtual reality to scan various rooms in your house in order to help you build the home of your dreams. This technology is taking the marketing world by storm and many customers are dying to try it. From building a model home to scanning pizza, VR and AR are taking marketing to a new level. We’re all about dream homes and pizza rewards.

My Top 10 VR and AR Campaigns

While Lowe’s and Dominoes are winning in the marketing world of VR and AR, here’s a list of some other campaigns that are topping the charts.  I have come up with a list of 10 of the best VR and AR campaigns that I have seen over the past few years.

VR Campaigns:

  1. Key Technology: VERYX Food Sorting
  2. Defy Ventures and Within: Step To The Line
  3. Limbic Life: Project VITALICS
  4. Lowe’s: Holoroom How To
  5. Boursin: The Sensorium

AR Campaigns:

  1. Enterprise AR Platform
  2. AMC Theatres
  3. Weather Forecasts MA
  4. Modiface
  5. Universal Studios

You’ll see – each of these ideas are unique and really separate these companies from their competitors. My personal favorite has to AMC Theaters’ use of AR. AMC allows you to scan boring movie posters and turn them into movie previews and a place to buy tickets for these movies. Not to mention, Universal Studios is a close second. They allow fans to put on a headset and be transformed into a world of movie characters, including the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park.

Elements of a Successful VR or AR Marketing Campaign

Based on the previous examples, there are a few key takeaways when it comes to creating a successful VR/AR campaign. The first step is to come up with your target market. You need to know exactly who you are trying to reach so that you can construct the campaign around the wants and needs of this target market. The next step is to come up with a unique but simple design. The more complex the idea is the more confusing it will be for the customers. You want it to be simple for them to use. Less really is more. After you come up with your design, it’s time to start marketing it. Think about how you’ll spread the word and get people talking about your product.

Once you begin marketing your project, you’ll need to keep track of the results. Data, data, data. Be very on top of customer feedback and results from your campaign. After all, your first design will not be perfect and some changes are most likely going to be needed. Continuing to update the campaign will help guarantee that it is successful and useful to consumers in the long-run.

There’s no perfect formula to success, but following these tips for a VR/AR campaign will give you a good idea of where to start, and, hopefully, get you pretty far. Have fun with it, embrace all that this new technology has to offer and never forget about the customer. It’s time to get virtual.

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