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How Our Marketing Agency Plans To Leave A Legacy

It came to me this morning…how do we ensure that our marketing firm is leaving a legacy. Cliché, I think not. The goal was to get everyone in the office involved…but not passively, it was going to be a Jerry Maguire “manifesto”. We are a blessed group – truly we are. New children, spouses and significant others, friends, new homes, graduations, vacations…all just a sampling of the good fortune that has come our way in recent months.

What could we give back? You’ll notice in that vast list above that money was infamously not one of the items noted. Unfortunately, in our 5-year history, that was never one on the itemized list. That said, we did what comes as second nature to us – we got creative and improvised. This is where “our group” truly excels and thus why I love my comrades at our marketing agency so much. We all seem to thrive in being a part of a larger whole. The whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts when it comes to our crew.

We set out to improve on an idea that was already a smashing success. We face this sometimes interacting with our clients and other times we are charged with creating success from scratch. Either way, we adapt and come together to form a team that engages success head on. This attitude breeds a “no nonsense” demeanor in the folks that I call family. They are not my blood relatives…we didn’t grow up together…we don’t share the same religion, political viewpoints, eating habits, TV viewing trends (I draw the line at Glee and the Housewives of New Jersey)…insert sarcastic comments at status meeting on Tuesday here! Yet, we came together as a group and devised a way that hopefully will endure for many years to help kids through sports (this was the something important to each of us at the office). Through the Wristband Revolution, we devised a creative way to use our brand to ultimately give back to those who have never met us, maybe never will. Yet, we’re affecting their lives. A silly 49 cent wristband that we love so much (due to our affinity to the 1970’s ABA basketball and Will Farrell in general) could allow someone in another state to have an experience they might never have the opportunity to have had. Thought provoking!
To wrap up my diatribe, take a lesson from a bunch of kids…get out there and use your resources for the benefit of others. Some of us have more than others, don’t hate on the folks that have more…there are a lot of fantastic people that have gained a fortune through hard work and dedication. Others, by inheritance. Others, have next to nothing and still manage to figure out a way to give of themselves selflessly. Don’t look at the person to your left or right. Look at yourself. Go and do it. Time, money, talent…we all can’t give those three in unison but I am pretty sure one at a time…we can make someone’s life better and thus making the world better. Start small…tenacity is powerful. Just ask a “bunch of crazy kids” who are out there trying to make a difference. Does that sound cliché? If you think so, you’ve never met the crew at DSM – you guys hold a special place in this guy’s heart and you always will.
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