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Homage Episode 30: Kevin Malast

To my buddy Kevin – this Homage is yours. 

It feels like yesterday that we just met way back in the Insperity days. Bro, you’ve come a long way (and that’s saying something, given you were a pro athlete). You live out your profession and role as husband and father the same way you took on pro football, with passion and a drive to improve. That is what impresses me the most about you, homey.

You have an innate sense to care for those around you. You listen to them. You do whatever you can to help them. You improve them. Many people who have come before you (frankly, in a favored position like you were) don’t care as much about people in their pinky. Kev, you put yourself out there, which is honorable and reflective of a leader. That is why people follow you and, in this role at Malka, trust you to represent them. You lived through some of their challenges as a pro athlete and extended yourself to help them as players and humans.

When I think of you and Melisa’s social feeds of your family, I see a whole lot of good times with Cameron and Gia. You guys pour yourselves into those kids, and it shows. It’s pretty special to see, and to those around you (those who are parents), it gives us all hope that we’re in this together and raising the next generation the right way. There’s not enough of that in today’s society, and it’s appreciated that you guys “bring it” in a way that shows values and love.

Getting to the values and love, this is your BEDROCK homey. From day 1, I could sense it in you from how you expressed yourself and the care you put into our relationship. There were no frills or BS. I knew you wanted what was best for me, even if we never did business together. That trait is your finest. You exemplify all that is good, brother. I am honored to call you my friend, and I hope the feelings are mutual. A special #30 episode is in the books, and it was an honor to sit down with you. Keep crushin’ at Malka, and know that I got your back, always.


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