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Homage Episode 28: Filipe Santos

Fil, excited to write this Homage on your behalf. This episode was unique in a lot of ways. First, we basically (in many respects) didn’t even know each other at this time last year. We had met once through Drew, but our relationship was surface-level at best. Second, the transparency and candor to which you speak of your journey (not that others haven’t) but your story and background are unique to many folks that I’ve had on the show in terms of “how much you lived” in a young man’s life. I appreciate you very much for coming on and talking about that story to give people perspective. We’ll get into that further here. You’ve become a true friend. Your positivity is what I think I admire most about you pal. You don’t pull punches. You understand the value of hard work. You’ve earned (and then some) everything you’ve got and what stands out more than anything is your admiration for your family. That word has a deep meaning to me and I am thankful you’ve allowed me into a small part of that world. You make me laugh and my hope is that I can repay you the way you have mentally dug me out of some holes.

To know Fil is to know that there’s no BS. He’ll tell it to you the way it is. He won’t sugarcoat things. Most importantly, he won’t let your shoulders sag. Fil embodies the spirit of “continual progress.” Fil is definitively not a member of the feeling sorry for yourself club. Fil is an exceptional listener. Fil has perspective and hence that is why Fil is successful in his endeavors. The balance between business and family Fil does is extraordinary and it is one of the main reasons I wanted to pay Homage to him in this episode. You learn a great deal from people if you open yourself to the wisdom they have. In the brief time I’ve known Fil, I’ve grown. My hope is to be able to re-pay that moving forward in a similar fashion. When we’re together with Dave and Drew, I always feel like the one taking guidance. One day that guidance will be repaid and I’m hoping in spades as they grow their endeavors.

On a personal note, Fil is one of the best follows on Instagram. Highly recommend giving him a follow if you want to be entertained and feel good. Funny is an understatement. Heartfelt with his family. World traveler. Rebuilding his family’s ancestral land in Portugal. Having fun with his wife and kids. Fil lives life to the fullest and that’s a product of a past life that he was kind enough to share with us during the interview. Fil’s done and seen some things in his life. He’s made positive changes in his life. He’s made an impact on others in his life. You see, one of the things I admire most when you speak with Filipe Santos is his thirst to overcome obstacles. The challenge has always been part of the process and Fil never said no. I think for most of us that’s the hardest part of getting started. That is where he and I (IMHO) share parallels. It’s why I enjoy speaking with the boys so much. They challenge me to think and be resourceful. In return, I try to pass knowledge to them. There’s an exchange of currency that has nothing to do with money. It’s the value of friendship. That is what I am most thankful for.

Fil, this Homage is for you brother. My hope is the value of your story that you were kind enough to share with me will inspire others and allow them to see that although challenges may present themselves, they are not permanent if you apply yourself to the task at hand. If you think creatively and without trepidation, anything is possible. I am thankful for our friendship. I am thankful for Drew introducing me to you and Dave (Dave – your journey is coming soon to Homage brother). My hope is that in the coming years that we’ll continue to grow and learn from one another. I mostly wish you guys continued success. Proud of you guys! Filipe Santos, this Homage is yours.


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