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Homage Episode 26: Lonny Sweet

Lonaldo…bro, you’re something special. Big shout out here to our homey Casey for making the intro a few years ago. First, I have to say that I have met very few people in my time walking the earth that have your tenacity and fortitude. You embody the meaning of “up for the challenge” and have a knack for making the impossible seem…well, MORE THAN POSSIBLE! I value our conversations immensely both professionally and personally not only because you challenge me (from one entrepreneur to another) but also because I know you genuinely care. That’s something people either have or don’t have…you can’t fake it.

For those that don’t know…Lonny and my relationship was a product of Covid. During the time we met, both of our organizations were going through a great deal of change and transition. In speaking with Lonny, there was always a sense of “what next” and “how you gonna change that”…I didn’t have to be right or exact. The playing field was level when it came to ideas and how to improve. This was immense for me and I hope reciprocal for you on the other end of the conversation. There’s many times that folks who’re not leading (through no fault of their own) don’t know exactly what to say and why when you need a sounding board. One can only get an answer by having someone at the other end of the line that’s been through the wars…and maybe failed previously to offer an insight that you couldn’t see.

Another attribute that I highly admire about Lonny is his passion for sports (Pats Suck Bro) and his daughters. Lonny’d dedication not only as a savage in business but an absolute beast at home is awesome to hear about. The dude can be spotted traveling all over the eastern seaboard with his daughter’s lax team. This is where Lonny and I have really connected – a passion and dedication to youth sports and watching the next generation come up. It truly is the intersection of business and family…the love of mentoring and passing along knowledge to our kids and their buddies. Sometimes, it’s not for the faint of heart…and it can be a challenge, no doubt. But to be able to run a business and be able to support your kids in their endeavors is awesome beyond belief. Kudos to you Lonny for accepting this challenge.

In closing here pal…I first, would like to say a paramount thank you to Casey Della Penna for introducing Lonny and I. They say good begets good and I am forever grateful for you taking the time to do so. Lonny has been (and I can honestly say) will continue to be an integral part of my circle. Lonny is smart. Lonny is passionate. Lonny is resourceful. Lonny cares…that is what’s awesome about Lonny Sweet. Brother, this homage is yours and I hope you know that it’s coming from an extraordinary place of gratitude. Your taste in sports teams sucks…but you’re one awesome dude and I am thankful beyond belief to call you friend.


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