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Homage Episode 9: Christine Lion-Bailey

Christine, how funny the world works…right? By the off chance, we both get invited to the advisory board of Pace University’s Lubin School of Business and through that invite and conversations since…it turns out that you were friends with my brother-in-law going way back! Small, small world.

In the year we spent getting to know one another, bouncing business ideas around and just wondering if you ever sleep given how many hats you wear in your business and personal lives…I am in awe. You are one of the most passionate, selfless and motivated people I’ve come across in my career. That is saying something because I’ve met quite a few people that have checked one or even two of those boxes…so that puts you in some rarified air!

Between two careers (as an educator and entrepreneur) being a wife, mom, daughter, coach…and who knows what else you give of your time to in your waking hours, I believe you will be the first human to create a 28-hour day within the rest of humanity’s 24-hour day. In all seriousness, since meeting you I am in awe. Christine, you put thought and care into everything we worked on together. You are a “spirit” that is so passionate about the kids in your school…and the technology that is going to drive the next generation to amazing heights. In our earliest conversations, I knew that I would be blessed to know you (Olivia is also grateful as she knows she has someone to lean on for guidance with her Occulus) so she doesn’t knock the TV off the wall or fall down a stairwell. The people you have surrounded yourself with is a testament to your character and grace as a professional in the highest regard.

Christine…Adversity does not deter you. Limits do not define you. Passion and drive allow you to keep creating amazing things. Your empathy allows you to meet people where they are. Keep doing all these things “in spades”. I am so thankful to Pace for the opportunity to meet you and am so looking forward to seeing your successes in the future.


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