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Homage Episode 6: Kim Sullivan

Miss Kim, I can tell you Dad would have been proud of you. First, I want to say thank you for having the courage to participate in Dad’s place for this episode of Homage. Speaking to you was very therapeutic…it helped me to say some of the things I wish I could have said to your dad. He took me under his wing from the day Sibby passed away and never let me falter. There were so many moments of fear, weakness, and flat-out failure that he could have let overcome me. He never allowed it. He made me speak it, process it and improve it. That was what made Ken Sullivan so special.

You, my dear, came on this episode and crushed it. It was very special to feel like there was a little bit of Him here today with us speaking through you. I consider you like an older sister (since you’ve known me pretty much my entire life) and although we’re a few years apart…you’ve always held a special place in my heart. Within our families…we were like siblings. There was always an open door. There was always a “home away from home”. Today, Dad would have been immensely proud of you and how you spoke about Him and His legacy. I am proud of you too. This was never going to be easy…but you managed to hold back the tears longer than I did!

Mr. S (as He was affectionately known around these parts) was MY MENTOR. We shared so many good times. We laughed and loved together. You gave me my first job as your batboy. You had me digging ditches back in the ’80s just so I could go swimming. You and Sibby taught me how to be a good human. Your spirit is something that I will never take for granted…because it lives on today in countless people that I know you affected and I’ve never even met. You taught me that I was going to finish college…and you never even said “you’re going to finish college”…you just got me a job where you knew I would be enrolled back in school 3 months later…and you did it with a wry smile of I TOLD YOU SO. I am forever grateful to You that you never let me fold…and there were times where I WAS CLOSE. Man, you knew me almost better than I knew myself.

As I “grew up”…you made sure that I was doing all the things I needed to with my business and my family. Was I perfect, HELL NO. Was I thankful you gave me time? ABSOLUTELY. I am the man I am today because you took the time with me. You gave endlessly of your knowledge to give provide an ear to a kid that frankly didn’t deserve it. I wasn’t even your blood…and you treated me like Your own. Ken Sullivan, I hope that one day we’ll meet again and I’ll have done your teachings justice and passed those teachings along to someone as much in need as I was when you gave them to me. Love ya pal and somehow…you’ll see this and be amazed at what Kim did here on this episode. It’s a small tribute to you and your legacy sir!


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