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Homage Episode 5: Dean Logan

What to say about you, my friend. As I mentioned in the episode…you have been an amazing friend and role model to me going way back to the early days of DSM. I have watched as you have grown NOT ONE, BUT TWO very unique businesses…and done so very successfully. You’ve always been there to lend an ear and to just be available. We have most definitely had “been put a few posted wanted” lists at golf courses around the tri-state for our ability to hack the joint up. Your ability to listen, thoughtfully process the info and guide is your greatest gift Dean.

You have an innate ability to be offensive…and defensive at the same time. You’re even-keeled and mild-mannered…and you’ve helped me grow up. Through some of the most difficult times in my professional life. You didn’t ask for anything in return…YOU. JUST. LISTENED. Through our professional lives, the families have become friends and through that time and sharing of meals…the Logan’s have become family.

I would be remiss here if I didn’t throw an accolade or two to BIG AL! In our earliest meetings together, I could always tell that Al had “seen a few things”. I mean he’s the only dude I know who has two holes in one’s (on the same hole) at the same course. AL IS A LEGEND! He created an amazing organization in CRS and homey…you carry on that tradition extraordinarily well. Both CRS and Labor Sync’s successes are a testament to the person you are and the perseverance you’ve shown throughout your career.

Our conversations about life, work, family, golf, food…they are all very special to me. My hope is that this episode showcases that admiration. I have the utmost love and respect for you brother. You always lead the way with your leadership and no-nonsense approach. Doing a job with passion and quality…no hedge. That’s what I love about the person you are. What you see, is exactly what you get. As we continue on this journey, my hope is that all the hard work you’ve put in…is rewarding 1000x moving forward. THERE IS NO ONE MORE DESERVING!


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