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Homage Episode 23: Mike Graham

Michael, Michael, Michael…my man! The trouble we would have gotten into if we knew each other in our formative years. So glad I got to meet you and see all the amazing things you guys are doing at Second Melody. I stand in awe of not only how you’ve built your agency…but the why behind it. You stuck to your guns, didn’t cut corners, and the joint speaks volumes about you and your staff. Keep up the tremendous effort, and we’re going to watch legendary things happen.

To say that you’ve done it the right way…well, that could be the understatement of the century. Walking into Second Melody screams everything that is right about what we do as agency owners and “why we do it.” The vibe is second to none. The place is no-frills and is comfortable as hell when you walk in. In many respects, the vibe is much like DSM, which is probably where all my admiration comes from. IMHO, there’s a “right” way to build as well as a “wrong” way to do it. You, boss…have done it “right” in spades. Badass operation, badass talent, badass work…all leads to badass clients. No doubt the trust you’ve earned over the years.

In my life, one of my favorite sayings is good begets good. There’s no hedge in my mind when I say this. When you put good out there, good has a way of finding you right back and punching you in the teeth. I won’t punch you…but dude, you got it all right. In talking shop and hearing many of the same stories and emotions I’ve felt…I know firsthand how hard it is what we do. You’re a BADDDDDDDD MANNNNNN Mikey G. My sincere hope is that we can now stand in awe of each other in this great state we call home. Push boundaries, share laughs and drink a lot. All three sound totally rad right now.

In all seriousness Mike…this Homage is for you and what you’ve done, are doing and will do down the road. You’re a really intelligent dude, and I am glad to call you a friend now. Continued success and know that you’ve got a friend up the road in me. You’re immense in being present and are just as solid as they come. Mike Graham, this Homage is for you and Second Melody. Keep crushin’.


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