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Homage Episode 2: Bad News Bears

Imparting on a young man the value of competing and accountability…Ed Wallace, it’s your turn to be featured on Homage. Mr. Wallace has a special place in my heart because we’ve managed to remain friends through adulthood. Many of the men that were around when I was a kid either do not live in the area anymore or have passed on. An unfortunate reality for us guys in our 40’s as we get older. Not only is “Big Ed” (as he’s affectionately known) still “kickin it live” in Wyckoff with his wife Mrs. W…but they have a wonderfully amazing business named Hallmark Flooring that is right in Wyckoff that has been a staple of the town for years.

Mr. Wallace got the opportunity to coach me back when in the 80’s…and we still get to speak and see each other around today. I remain friends with his kids and his son Ted is actually an amazing resource for DSM with regards to consulting. Everything comes full circle and this episode was a lot of fun to do because I am coaching and parenting now…imparting many of the lessons that Mr. W imparted on me all those years back. Working hard, being there for your teammates in good and bad times and most importantly competing. Winning was important…but not as important as leaving everything you had on the field. He was always there with a hug…win, lose or draw.

I couldn’t see it then but some of the most important lessons I learned were because of Ed Wallace. For that, Big Ed…I tip my hat to you pal. I am just as thankful now to call you friend as I did in 1987 to call you coach. I hope our audience all had an amazing person in their lives like I did.

Mr. Wallace, you have given so much to so many…my hope is this is a small tribute to you for all the countless hours of love and support you gave to countless young people over the years…be it baseball, soccer or basketball. You left a mark on our lives that will endure homey!


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