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Homage Episode 19: Trent Sanders

T-Bone, how to describe the emotions I get when writing this. In short, about as rad as you are my friend. Finally getting a chance to meet you (in person) in August was one of the coolest days for me. Not only because of the circumstances with how we met, but also the fact that it felt like you had known me and my family for years. Lunch that day was incredible and it made me very proud to introduce you to my wife and kids. Forevermore known as Uncle Trent…you, my brother have one heck of a personality and a heart that is unmatched. So blessed that Joel put “The Black Hats” together during Covid and we got the chance to not only meet…but also to cultivate a relationship that now puts real faces to names.

One of my favorite aspects about speaking with you is your penchant for not bullshitting me. You have that old-school New England accent and a personality that matches it. Blunt…yet caring to the point that anyone that knows you knows that if your heart is behind something…LOOK OUT. This is truly reflected in what you and Steve have created and continue to foster in 36 Creative. Bro, you have an admirer from NJ. Hearing how you’ve built it…doing so THE RIGHT WAY. Not taking shortcuts. Leading with integrity. Trent, you’re showing those around you why the idea you’ve fostered will stand the test of time. Kudos my friend, keep leading from the front.

Another reason I admire the hell out of you is that you’re not just out in the world to TAKE. You’ve created an amazing non-profit that is giving kids in all corners of the world a means to not only get exercise but also to self-expression. You’re raising them up when others might not give them any chance in this world. Mutt Society is something that is so wonderfully simple and yet in this day and age when kids are glued to electronics…you’ve found a means for them to be outside and biking their way to excellence. You put your money where your mouth is Trent…love this about you so much. Keep up the brilliance, homey. You’re a shining light to many that may not be afforded an opportunity. Tip of the cap there, brother.

In short, Trent…I can’t say that I’ve known you for a long time. Sh*t, at this point I can’t even say that I’ve met you in person twice. That said, I can say that I call you brother. You’ve always made yourself available to me when I needed a friend. You opened your arms to my family and broke bread with us…taking time out of your schedule to do us that solid. You are a true warrior and I can’t tell you how proud I am of you. You’re real. You’re grounded. You’re respected. You’re as solid as they come. To that end, Trent…this Homage is dedicated to you. You’re a special dude and I am proud to be walking side by side with you now on this journey of life. With the utmost admiration, stay rad, Trent. Don’t ever lose that spirit that makes you such a special cat. Love ya buddy.


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