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Homage Episode 15: Megan Redzia

Meg, doing this Homage was an absolute pleasure for so many reasons. To say that you have been a trusted ally through thick and thin is quite the understatement. As friends in business, it’s been such a pleasure to see you grow as a leader and take on challenge after challenge with flying colors. That is just scratching the surface with you, though, dearest. You bring a passion and energy to friendship that is not rivaled easily. For this…and this reason mostly…this Homage is for you. We’ve been on many calls together to commiserate about the good, the bad and the ugly…and you’ve always been steadfast in your support (yet honest enough to tell me when I may have to look at things through a different lens), and I am very grateful for that.

When we met all those years ago, you had just become a partner at 3E, and from very early on, I could tell that you were very smart, passionate and thorough in your approach to new relationships and your profession. What I didn’t know at that point was that I was about to gain a wonderful friend and compatriot in business and life. Meg, you have a way of making people feel really fantastic about themselves…even when they might be having a “sh*t go of it” at the moment. Your energy and overall positive outlook have gotten me through many long days. I am extremely grateful to have someone like you “in my sphere.” To those that don’t “have a Megan in their lives,”…GO FIND ONE! You’ll never have a day that goes by that you’ll be in need of a great friend who cares.

Meg, in all you do and how you go about it…I SALUTE YOU. From being a partner at a very successful PR firm to being an amazing wife and mother to two awesome boys and finding the time to be a friend to many…YOU ARE AN AMAZING HUMAN…one that young women should emulate in their growth and trajectory – both at work and at home. You’ve made a believer out of me, hombrecita!

Meg, in closing, this Homage is yours. It’s yours because I have seen humble gratitude in action. You are a beacon for all that is good with the human race. Personally, you’ve meant the world to me in overcoming many challenges that I’ve faced, and that will never be forgotten. Thank you, Megan Redzia, and keep up all the awesomeness you bring to those around you daily.


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