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Homage Episode 12: Todd Giannattasio

Mi amigo de LOS KNICKS…Todd, it’s amazing how worlds come together through people so close to us and we meet by chance at a wedding on New Year’s Eve for my cousin. Guess, we were meant to share this journey together. I can honestly say that I’ve never met someone with a more distinct laugh than you, homey. You also have an uncanny ability to seek out and find the most amazing “dive joints” when it comes to cheeseburgers, pizza and basically food that’s awesome to eat and really bad for you. I learned many things from you over the past few years…mostly business-related…some involving “snackcidents” but mainly involving hard work and dedication to your craft. Todd, you’re relentless when it comes to marketing and the knowledge that surrounds it. For many of those reasons, this episode of Homage is dedicated to you.

You really came into my life (and DSM) at a time that was extremely difficult on many fronts. You didn’t ask questions, you didn’t really ask for anything…you came into a situation from day 1 that was less than ideal and you rolled up your sleeves and asked “HOW CAN I HELP”. When I look back at 2019, there were a lot of things in flux for both of us. You moved up to Bergen County and we needed your guidance at DSM like it was nobody’s business. Fate has a funny way of aligning the stars. From that moment on… it’s been a pleasure watching your hand in venture after venture…and watching those things TAKE OFF! You’re masterclass when it comes to your dedication my friend. Love listening to you because I know you don’t take shortcuts. Your success has been a product of hard work and practice…the reps count. You are living proof.

In some ways, our paths have been running parallel for years my friend. You’ve taken a bit of a different path through your career but in many ways, we’ve been bumping shoulders with the same people. I’ve literally never met ANYONE that I’ve spoken to in regards to you that hasn’t said “he gives his all and is always ready to help”. You’re passionate, you’re meticulous and YOU CARE IMMENSELY ABOUT PEOPLE, bro. Those traits are not easy to find all in one person…YOU HAVE THEM IN SPADES. To my buddy Todd G…I owe you big-time homey. In many ways, you saved me from myself and have (and will always be) a trusted compatriot. “Outside the ring” I am very much looking forward to watching a better brand of Knicks basketball with you in the years to come. You’re a true friend, a master marketer and a brilliant entrepreneur. Bro, this one goes out to you.


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