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Homage Episode 11: Pat Capra

FREAKKKKKK!!!! Bro, going all the way back to meeting up in our old office in 2013. It’s crazy to think of how far we’ve both come. I am really thankful you took the time to reach out and introduce yourself. Pat, to watch the trajectory your career has taken is a testament to the person you are and how you treat each and every person you come in contact with. You take time with people and learn about who they are and what makes them tick. It’s such an amazing trait that I’ve personally seen as you’re amongst a group of people you’ve known for 10 years or 10 minutes. It’s what sets you apart homey…my relationship with Kevin Malast is a case in point of this. Now, you both are doing amazing things together at Malka Sports. All that success is so well deserved and truly a blessing to watch.

When we first met, we were two kids in our mid-30’s. Since then, life has taken us on divergent journeys…but always keeping in touch and checking in on the other to ensure that “we were good.” In business…many times, you’re my first call. You always take it, and I know…BEYOND ANY MEASURE…that if you can help, you will. Our ecosystems have helped one another in business…but more importantly, the relationships span into personal as well as helping those less fortunate than we both are. This is what life is all about, dude. WE’VE HELPED OTHER HUMANS. WE’VE SHARED STORIES. WE’VE BEEN THERE WHEN THE OTHER WAS IN NEED. Pat, those things…no matter how far our journey takes us professionally, will never be replaced, and I am sincerely indebted to you in gratitude.

When it comes to Pat Capra…it really is a story of legendary proportions. You’ve taken your dream and created something so immense and amazing. All built on relationships and hard work. As said earlier, I’ve never had a conversation with you where I feel you have anything else in the world going on while we’re speaking. You’re present and always kind with a word. It shows why your family, staff and clients are so lucky to have you in all your various capacities. There are so many folks that know you and see just the professional side…so many others don’t know you personally like I do. You go out of your way to help so many people. You don’t ask for anything in return. You continually give of yourself, and that is a testament to who you are. You’re a national treasure, my friend.

In closing, I would like to say that I can’t wait to see what the next chapters hold for you, my friend. If you continue on this trajectory…I will say that I knew Pat Capra “way back when.” Looking forward to the days, months and years moving ahead – the sky is the limit, brother. This episode of Homage is a tribute to the friend you are and what you mean to me – on all levels. Keep grinding, brother…you’re taking the industry by storm. I am thankful to call you a friend and appreciate all you mean to me and my family – both personally and professionally.


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