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Homage Episode 1: The Wooden Spoon Club

Wide range of emotions today…episode 1 of Homage is finally here. Figured there was no one more deserving to be the first “guest” than my mom, Lucille. She was the first woman in my life. As she likes to say…“I brought you into the world, and I’ll take you out if you piss me off”. Lucille and I are very much the same person when it comes to hard work, perseverance, and sacrifice. The woman worked three jobs when I was in college just to ensure that I’d get my degree. Believe there was one point in time where I told her I wasn’t going to go back to school… I ran out of the house dodging left and right hooks.
I owe an immense amount to this woman.
We haven’t always agreed on everything…but we’ve made it together. She’s been a rock for me many times that I wanted to give up…the woman is like a pit bull when it comes to tenacity and seeing things through to their completion. She never once let me quit at anything (sans piano when I was a kid…I was built for contact sports and my fingers are like sausages). My hope is that Homage inspires folks to see that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. This first episode is dedicated to my dad Sebastian and my other dad Kenny Sullivan – my two OG’s.
Mom, I love you ❤️
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