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Episode 2 – Pat Capra

The one and only Pat Capra of Malka Sports joins us to discuss his athlete representation agency and new partnership. Leon’s co-host Emily Reilly makes her introduction and we discuss the awesome game that we lined up; a game in which we have to guess whether or not a series of ridiculous names are real professional athletes, or made up by our crack staff. The penalty? Drinking shots of “Ray of Light.” We know you’re curious. The description of this life-changing drink is presented by Pat himself while we hunt for the bottle that was stolen (temporarily) by Darren, CEO of DSM.

A day in the life of Pat Capra

Pat gives us some color on how he got into the business and what he actually does for his athletes. He dives in on how he markets his athletes and ultimately prepares them for life after their professional careers. What started as a night-and-weekend-only operation ultimately became Lunar Sports Group, which most recently via a strategic partnership became Malka Sports.

The game begins!

We start off with a player name that simply couldn’t be real…so it wasn’t. Pat blames the Ray of Light, for now. We discuss the connection between marketing and the athletes that Pat represents. For Pat, he finds that using “natural” connections and interests are generally the most successful efforts on behalf of his players. It’s the authenticity of the desire of the players to “live the brand” and not just make a paycheck.

The game gets colorful…

Emily gets a rather unfortunate player name that turns out to be painfully real and she finally gets to taste Ray of Light…turns out, not as bad as she thought. We also learn a little about Pat’s family and his brother’s podcast, which might end up being NSFW. We get a quick education on the types of marketing efforts that are generally the most successful for Pat’s athletes and why.

The Wrap

We collectively decide to go rapid fire on the real/fake athlete names, but only after we talk with Pat about his new endeavors seeking athletes in the MMA. Pat is a passionate guy who loves what he does, and this shines through in our discussion and Pat talks about his real value as an agent. Finally, we keep our “What the Actual F!@#$” segment rolling and chat about Christiano Ronaldo in his underwear. Check it out here.

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