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Episode 1 – Todd Giannattasio

We were very lucky to have Todd Giannattasio (who has a very easy last name to pronounce) as our very first guest for “Thanks for Playing,” our new podcast at DSM. After introducing ourselves and teeing up the concept of our show, we set off asking a few interview questions without using any acronyms! In today’s game, if someone uses an acronym they will have to pull a penalty from the bag. Try getting several digital marketers in a room without using acronyms. SEO, CRO, etc… in short, hilarity ensues.

 What does Todd do?

The Growth Suite is the outcome of Todd’s experience working with small businesses on creating digital marketing strategies. He developed a scalable, self-service software solution for entrepreneurs looking to take on a digital marketing strategy at a level they can handle themselves. The Growth Suite can also prepare small businesses to eventually work with agency support.

Digital Marketing in 2018

After we joke a little about the Zuckerberg testimony, we discuss the shiny objects associated with digital marketing and where it’s going next. Todd muses on the fundamentals of digital marketing and why it’s so important to focus on these basics first, before you fall for the newest thing on the market. Then, of course, we pivot to the newest thing on the market – artificial intelligence – and whether or not it’s something we should pay attention to as marketers.

Information and Propelify

Content is, in fact, King, but content is starting to become a little overwhelming. Todd tells us where he gets his information, and why we should find the information that resonates with us and stick with it. We also discuss Todd’s involvement with Propelify and why this organization is poised to provide some real value to the innovators of today.


It had to happen. We issue some self-imposed penalties and sweat a little just to keep things light. Check out Todd’s company, go to to learn more about what’s going on over there and look for us wherever you get your podcasts and make sure to subscribe.

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