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How Much Will It Cost You NOT To Do Inbound Marketing

There is a myth floating around that inbound marketing isn’t worth the oats it’s sown on. They say that inbound marketing is no longer relevant; they say that it’s a time suck; they say that it’s not worth all that you put into it. But you know what they say, haters gonna hate.

The fact is that the savings you generate from not using inbound marketing are added up to the right of the decimal point, as they are vastly wasted in other venues. Inbound marketing profits are typically tagged onto the left of the decimal point and they go on for several columns.

How it Works

Inbound marketing is an amazing tool, and if used properly and consistently you can draw in innumerable amounts of money for your business. Your inbound marketing strategy begins with a marketing plan. Once you know what it is you’re trying to sell, what your goals are, who your customer is, where they are shopping, how you’re going to make money from this plan and maybe most importantly is why your customer needs your product now, then you are ready to go.

The next step in your inbound marketing plan is to have a strong web presence. You should have a website, which is the destination for your customers. You also should have a number of other avenues where your product is ruling the roost. Blogs, social media, pay per click, SEO, video and on and on it goes. There are so many different outlets where you can use inbound marketing, and new venues are popping up every day.


It is a bit of an understatement to say that inbound marketing is the very best way for businesses to earn money today. But just for comparisons sake, let’s have a look at two of the other former juggernaut marketing platforms that many companies still swear by.


Just think about your own experience watching TV… What is the thing most of us do these days when our TV set is on? Mute it? Change the channel? Truthfully, most of us just watch TV later on and DVR the programs we really want to see.

There is a reason that the Super Bowl, the World Series and other “live” events draw such big numbers for advertisers; these are practically the only places where you can be pretty sure that your customer at least has the TV on when the original broadcast happens.

Even still, younger people are restraining themselves from catching everything as it happens, eschewing TV for streaming services and that marketing customer is all but lost to advertisers. Still think inbound marketing savings is really savings over TV?


Print media is another dead horse. In the next 10-20 years, you are going to see more and more papers lose the print editions and go completely digital. Print media also loses out to that same coveted 18-34 age demographic who just don’t bother to read yesterday’s news in print when they can get it sent directly to them through their streaming service.

It’s the same with billboards, bus stations, skywriting and all the rest. You really need to add an inbound marketing component to your business or the money you “save” by not doing inbound marketing won’t really be any savings at all.

Taking a Closer Look

As you can tell, inbound marketing savings is actually no savings for the shrewd marketer of the 21st Century and beyond. But what are some of the things which inbound marketing gets you as a client? How can inbound marketing stretch your brand and line your pockets?

Brand Visibility

You want your product to be seen; there may be no more direct, comprehensive and effective way to be seen by the masses than by touting yourself on the World Wide Web. Inbound marketing can give your brand and your product the maximum exposure that you have been seeking. Brand visibility can be run in conjunction with any of the inbound marketing platforms to help bring your business the direct and immediate exposure your product needs.

Sales Efficiency

The matter of sales efficiency comes into play directly when you are talking about inbound marketing savings. You are not going to find any more immediate and urgent way to get your best customers to fall in line. Even customers who are not regular customers may find your inbound marketing opportunities too good to pass up on.


The very best competition in your industry didn’t get there by letting other people take the lead. If the very best in your industry is leading with inbound marketing, can you afford not to take some tips? This isn’t a case of following the leader so much as emulation being the most sincere form of flattery.

If you are leading in your industry, then chances are you are already using inbound marketing effectively. If you are leading in your industry and you’re not using inbound marketing, are you sure you’re the leader?

Top Line Revenue

At the end of the day, your top line revenue is really the only thing that matters. Is your business in the red or is it in the black? Inbound marketing is what is going to make your brand visible and attract those golden leads that get converted into customers. It all goes back to revenue, and you won’t regret going inbound once you take a look at your ROI.

You are the one who is in control of your business and you are the one who can make your inbound marketing a success story or a sob story.


What do you think about implementing inbound marketing? Let us know in the comments below!

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