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Construction Marketing Ideas That Speak to the NJ Market

Every entrepreneur’s goal is, ultimately, to make money. If you say that’s not true, we call you out on your bluff. For all those out there who own a construction company in NJ, you know that if you’re not getting a steady flow of clients, you’re not going to survive in this competitive market. And a competitive market it is.

You’re not the only construction company here. While the tri-state area and its ever-evolving landscapes of both urban and rural life provide plenty of opportunities for tearing, building and renovating, you still have to prove your worth to prospective, current and former clients. One way to accomplish that is by doing a kick-ass job on the construction site, which we know you’ve already got covered.

There’s another way to make your company stand out from the rest, and that’s marketing. You might not have ever thought about how to market your construction company, but we sure have. To help, here’s a list of some construction marketing ideas you can put into action right here in NJ. Time to get to work.

Show the People, Not Just the Company

Prospective clients love to see the people who make your company what it is. So, as you do digital marketing, remember to get personal. Showcase your crew and your workplace culture and make everyone wish they were a part of your team. Check out these ideas:

  • Post pictures of the company Halloween party (rock that vampire costume!)
  • Create how-to tutorials where your workers’ sparkling personalities shine through
  • Link to a photo of a fantastic painting or drawing that one of your employees did
  • Show the moments from a charity or volunteer endeavor
  • Personality sells, people
  • Invest in local kids’ teams

If you’re going to be building in your local community, you also want to be supporting it. One of the best ways to do that is by investing in a local team, because who doesn’t love sports and kids?

While little kids might not hit soaring home runs like the Yankees or dunk a basketball like Lebron, unless they’re some sort of prodigy, they’re the future of the community. Authenticity counts for a lot. So, it’s important to show that your company stands for something other than just profit. Your community is a great way to start.

By investing in local teams, you provide opportunities for trips, better uniforms and quality safety gear—and the uniforms will have your company name or logo featured. It’s a marketing match made in heaven. You could even field your own team to compete with business rivals and your customers. Doesn’t that sound fun?

Give Back to the Community

Investing in a local team isn’t the only way to get involved in your community and give back. Smart business marketing, especially in close-knit communities like northern New Jersey, is all about establishing ties and creating connections. If your company partners with churches, schools, hospitals or even homeless shelters, it gets your company’s name out there and expands your potential customer base.

However, it’s also important to find causes that you genuinely care about. As a construction company, you could partner with Habitat for Humanity and pitch in on a project or offer your services to shelters in the area. Anytime they need work done, you’re there with discounted rates.

Be sure to showcase the community work you’re doing, whether that’s through a video on your website, a few blog posts or a newspaper article.

Construction marketing ideas support your business, but they also require passion. By finding a cause that sparks that passion, you’re halfway there.

Whip Your Site into Shape for Search Engines

Just as land in the tri-state area needs to be prepared for new projects and buildings need to be torn down or renovated, your website needs to be revisited and revised. You don’t want your website to be the equivalent of that one multi-colored, sloping building that has sat by the Meadowlands for years just wasting away. You know the one.

Is your website a vast wasteland that would be better off filled with an informational and entertaining blog instead? Are potential customers able to find your website with the click of a button? If you don’t show up on the first page of Google for relevant keyword searches, landing new clients gets a lot harder. You need to stay relevant and invest in website design.

So, how do you optimize your site for search engines? We won’t lie—it can involve quite a bit of work. For starters, you need to know the keywords you want to rank for, solid internal linking, as well as ongoing monitoring. Google Search Console gives you a general idea of the work that needs to be done, but a digital marketing agency can help your company streamline its efforts and avoid costly mistakes.

A marketing agency can also handle matters such as writing and posting blogs, creating videos and running social media promotions. That means more time for other activities…or construction. That works, too.

Consider a Niche (or Niches)

Many construction companies do niche work such as school construction or aging in place (AIP) construction. Focusing on a niche can help other construction marketing ideas for your company fall into place, such as:

  • A brand identity
  • Your logo
  • The specificity of your ads
  • The associations you join
  • Which social media platforms the business uses
  • How the company seeks out leads and responds to them
  • A unique selling proposition
  • The keywords your website should rank highly for
  • The topics for your blog posts, videos, tutorials and other materials
  • The expos and trade shows you attend
  • The client relationships you cultivate
  • How you invest in the community
  • The charities you support
  • Any direct mail marketing or Facebook promotions
  • How you solicit customer reviews and from whom
  • The directories you want your business listed in
  • The success stories you showcase

We know you want to make money and we don’t blame you. In order to get to that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, there are a few things you need to consider along the way, with one of the most important being marketing. Whether or not you choose to work with a marketing agency, always remember that your marketing efforts should reflect the culture and values of your business. When you film your funny team in action or showcase the homeless shelter you built for Habitat for Humanity, clients will jump at the chance to get behind a brand like that. People relate to real people, after all. It’s just human nature.

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