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Internet Marketing

A huge amount of our communicating is now done digitally – so why not build an online presence for your company? Internet marketing allows you to reach a much wider audience, and you no longer have to worry about people across the country never hearing about your brand. Instead, marketing your company online allows you to reach people around theworld, boosting your consumer base.

Our Internet marketing agency is located in northern NJ, and we specialize in a number of marketing services that can help you create a more prominent presence for your company online. We genuinely care about your brand and your customers, so naturally we want the best for you. This means we spend time alongside each of our clients, fully developing their brand and subsequently conveying that to their public.

When it comes to your company, you can rely on us to create Internet marketing materials that establish you as a leader within your industry. When you really know your consumers, you can anticipate their needs and offer valuable insight to them in order to establish yourself as a trusted resource. DSM knows how to best reach out to your consumers, and we can help you excel within your field.


An unplanned Internet marketing strategy isn’t much of a strategy at all. If you try to enter any kind of marketing plan without first establishing a strong strategy, your plan will be generic, disorganized and less successful than other, more strategic plans.

Unlike other agencies, we won’t create any marketing materials for your company without first developing a strategy that’s specific to your organization. We’ll work with you to understand your brand, industry and consumers, and use that as a basis for the plan we create.

Not only will this help us to determine what kind of marketing tactics would work best for your brand, but it will also help define your goals and show exactly what you’ll need to do in order to reach them.


Everybody wants to rank first in organic search results, but how does one even come to achieve that? With a strong SEO plan, your website has the potential to rank in the first few pages when people search for terms relevant to your company.

Our northern NJ marketing agency can help you target specific keywords when writing content for your website in order to make your organization more visible when people look for those terms online. When you pay attention to targeting certain terms, search engines pick up on that and your website will be placed higher up in search result pages.

When your website ranks higher in organic searches, your company will be seen as a reputable figure in the industry. But in order to achieve this, it’s important to take advantage of SEO techniques.


SEO isn’t the only way to get more viewers to your website. Pay-per-click ads automatically boost your site to the top when people search for related terms, but this doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed more attention. Many consumers now block out these paid ads (through ad-blocker extensions or simply by ignoring them), so unless PPC is done well, it can become a waste of money.

Our Bergen County agency will take the right steps if you want a PPC campaign, developing a strategy that ensures your site will reach the right people at the right time. With an eye-catching landing page and engaging copy, the PPC ads we can help you create will stand out among others.

Pay-per-click ads from the right agency are a great way to gain exposure for your company, and the price to pay is worth it when you get more website visitors.


Let’s face it: people tend to rely on only the first few pages of organic search results when looking online, so it becomes important for your company to rank higher on the list in order to gain the exposure your brand deserves.

In addition to search engine optimization, link building can improve your ranking on search result pages. When other people view your website as a credible source, they’re more likely to include a link to your page on their own site. And when more people begin to point toward your site, search engines recognize that and begin to place your website higher.

Our agency will help you produce content that is widely accepted as being valuable, therefore increasing your chances of earning backlinks that bring consumers to your site.


There’s no doubt that consumers today are smarter than ever when it comes to their buying habits. Not only do they make more efficient use of their time, but they’re also pickier about what advertisements they click on.

This is where content marketing comes in. You’re essentially multitasking for your company – offering valuable information and advice to your consumers, and therefore subtly establishing yourself as a thought leader in the industry among consumers.

Our NJ-based agency has helped our many clients deliver content marketing to their own given publics, and we can help you do the same. By simply producing content on what you already know best, you’ll be providing consumers with useful information without bombarding them with ads. Plus, you’ll become a trusted resource the next time your customers are seeking advice.


Companies who are more familiar with their public are better able to retain loyal customers in the long run. But forming a connection with consumers goes beyond simply having them view your website – you must reach out to them in a more personal way, as well.

Email marketing is exactly what it sounds like – the company collects email addresses through their website, then gets in contact with these consumers in order to further offer products, discounts or advice. Our NJ marketing agency will help you both maximize your email list in order to reach as many people as possible, as well as develop enticing content that will keep your consumers interested in your company.

Maintaining consistent contact with your public and providing them with valuable information is a successful combination for keeping loyal consumers.


We’re sure you’ve noticed how strong of a presence social media has gained – more and more people are creating a personal presence for themselves online, and this should be no different for your company. Because so many people are using social media, this has become a prime place to connect with consumers.

Our agency can help you build a stronger social media presence for your company, gain a larger follower base and share valuable information. Through sites like Facebook and Twitter, we’ll help you create and share content about topics like upcoming company events, news within the industry and answers to frequently asked questions.

Social media makes your company more accessible to the public. When you put in the effort to become more visible, consumers will take notice – plus, your followers will spread virtual word-of-mouth through shares and retweets, even furthering your exposure.


What’s the point of an Internet marketing campaign without measuring how effective it actually is? The advantage to analyzing certain pieces of data from your website is you can actually reveal a lot about how you’re reaching your public.

This doesn’t only include the more technical side, like bounce rate and the amount of visitors you have per page. This also includes business metrics, such as sales, how many leads you convert and what types of content influence whether your leads become customers.

Don’t let these numbers intimidate you – our NJ marketing agency has dealt with these analytics before, so we can help you read these metrics as well as analyze how to improve them. We’ll collect data from your website, email marketing campaigns, social media and even events when we work on your analytics with you.

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