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Chrome Extensions for Marketers: 2017 Edition

Google Chrome offers the best browsing experience there is, however, using Chrome without extensions is like eating ice cream without sprinkles… or even worse, using Safari or Firefox.

These are 2017’s best Chrome extensions for marketers.

They’ll help improve your web development, marketing, emails, blogging, social media and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Web Development

Web Developer

The most widely used extension for web development, this tool provides a whole array of development options to help create your page.


An easy-to-use measuring tool that will give you the exact dimensions (in pixels) of any image, element, text box, etc. on a web page.

User Agent Switcher

Allows you to view a web page from the perspective of a number of other browsers, including iPad, iPhone, and Android devices to make sure that your page looks great no matter where it is being seen.

What Font

A tool used to quickly identify any given font.

iMacros for Chrome

Record and save actions while developing a web page. This extension also allows you to replay your actions so you can see exactly what you’ve been working on and how you did it.

Font Playground

This extension allows you to test out any number of fonts on your web page so that you can find the perfect fit.

DevTools Autosave

Automatically saves CSS changes made to a web page. This will save you from losing your work due to a crash or some other unexpected shutdown.

Instant Wireframe

A quick wireframe overlay of any page to help understand exactly how a page is put together.

Ripple Emulator

Similar to User Agent Switcher, this will let you view your page from a number of other platforms to make sure that it is optimized for other devices or browsers.

Search StackOverflow

This extension will help you quickly find answers to your web development related questions, and will you save you the hassle of clicking through a Google search.


This extension puts an overlay on a web page to allow you to compare sizes and elements on your page.

Code Cola

View a page’s source code and instantly edit it.

IE Tab

Want to make sure your site looks good on different versions of Internet Explorer? This extension allows you to do so without ever needing to leave Chrome.


Want to know exactly what content management systems are being used on a web page? This extension will help you figure out exactly what tools were used to create the elements of a web page.

Eye Dropper

Pick and save colors from web pages.

BuiltWith Technology Profiler

Figure out exactly what a site was built with using this extension.

Color Picker

Finds the exact color number on any page.


This extension provides an eye dropper, gradient creator, and color picker.

Window Resizer

Check how a page looks in various window sizes without the hassle.

Resolution Test

Check how a page looks from different screen resolutions to make sure it is optimized for various devices.



A spelling and grammar check is necessary to any piece of writing, and this extension will automatically check your text as you write it, working in a fashion similar to Microsoft Word’s spell check function.

Word Count

Counts the words and characters in a selected section of text on any web page.

Search and Replace

Easily find and replace words. This is a great way to avoid repetitive writing or edit a piece for mistakes.

Split Screen

Allows you to open 2 web pages in one tab, making it easy to access information while blogging without having to open multiple Chrome windows.

Daily Use


Remembering every single password can be a difficult task, but you won’t have to worry about it with this extension. LastPass works as a database of all your passwords, automatically filling them in when you visit a login page.


One of our favorite extensions, this will block unwanted ads and pop-ups, making your browsing experience much more enjoyable.

Evernote Web Clipper

Clip articles, images, etc. directly into Evernote with this extension.

Auto HD for Youtube

Automatically play Youtube videos at highest possible resolution. This extension will cut down on the time you have to wait for an HD video to load, and makes it easier to browse Youtube.


Sometimes, you need a little motivation to start your day, and Chrome’s “New Tab” page can be a bit boring. This extension creates a personalized dashboard in place of the “New Tab” screen. Includes weather and a “To Do” list.

Google Cast

If you have a Google Chromecast, this extension will let you cast compatible web pages directly to your TV.

Note Anywhere

This extension is the easiest way to take quick notes directly on a web page without having to leave Chrome.


Sometimes, an online blog post or article will be filled with unnecessary images or advertisements, making it difficult to read. This extension strips it down to a simple, clean screen of text for maximum readability.


Distractions are your biggest enemy. Luckily, this extension will block those time-consuming sites that you always find yourself staring at for hours on end so that you can get your work done.


This extension will both save your passwords and automatically sign you into sites saved in your database.

Instant Translate

Translates web pages to the language of your choosing.

Save to Pocket

Quickly save to your Pocket account.

Hover Zoom

On some sites, images may appear as thumbnails that can not be expanded without opening a new tab or leaving the current page. With this extension, you can simply hover over an image for it to enlarge without leaving the page.

Link Clump

Open, copy, and bookmark multiple links with ease.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


The MozBar is the ultimate SEO tool. This extension provides a wide variety of SEO tools, including custom keyword searches, link metrics, SEO statistics, and much more.

Check My Links

Broken links can cause visitors to question the credibility of your page and deter them from returning. This extension will quickly scan your page for broken links and highlight them so you can keep all of your links working.

Majestic Backlink Analyzer

This extension will help strengthen your page’s links by crawling the web and providing instant analytics on your page’s backlink status.


Ever wonder just how a video goes viral? This extension provides in-depth analytics on videos and includes information about how many times a video was viewed, tweeted, shared, and other ways in which it gained exposure.

SEO Global for Google Search

This tool analyzing search engine statistics from all around the world and lets you know how well your posts are doing on a global scale.


Social Media


Sharing content across multiple social media platforms can require a lot of copy and pasting that you don’t want to do, which can result in less exposure. Buffer makes it easy to share to all of your social media sites with just one click, cutting out the long process and helping you get your content viewed and shared across the web.

Professor Traffic

You may be unsure of just which of your social platforms creates the most traffic to your site, but this extension will tell you exactly how many people reach your page through various social media sources.

Share Via Hubspot

This extension will help you share your social media content with HubSpot, and schedule HubSpot content easily.


This Twitter dashboard helps understand what followers are tweeting about, following, sharing, etc. This is a great tool for crafting the perfect Twitter page.


Sometimes, the perfect .gif is exactly what your social media post needs to give it some life. This extension provides a whole archive of useful .gifs to add directly to your social media posts.

Instagram for Chrome

A quick and easy way to check your Instagram in your browser with a drop down menu that won’t interrupt the page you’re currently viewing.


Sites like Twitter only allow a short number of characters to get your message out, and links can seriously cut down on that 140 limit. This extension will help you create shortened links from any page for easy social sharing.


A quick, easy way to check the popularity of the hashtags you attach to your posts.

Social Analytics

Analyze how many times a web page has been shared across a large number of social media platforms.


This extension lets you easily share content through your social media platforms, and provides a “score” of you social media influence.


Quickly and easily share content on Pinterest with this useful extension.

Do Share

An easy way to share content and schedule posts via Google +

Post To Tumblr

Instantly share content on Tumblr with a right click.


Export data from web pages to create an easy-to-read spreadsheet.

Twitter for Chrome

Tweet directly from the page you’re viewing without leaving.



Ever wonder why someone isn’t answering your emails? This extension allows you to track your messages and see when your email is viewed by the receiver.

Mail Control

Gmail can usually only be accessed with an internet connection, but this extension allows you to write emails offline, and schedule them to be sent as soon as you are connected.


Instantly view a professional contact’s LinkedIn information every time you open their email.


This is an easy way to schedule emails to be sent at a late date or time.

Gchat Pix

Gmail’s chat feature does not currently support image sharing, but this extension allows you to attach images to your Gchat conversations with ease.

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