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Advertising Agency vs. Marketing Agency

Whether you are a freshly established New Jersey business or a seasoned player within your industry, you may have realized that it’s time to up the ante and continuing building your audience. With all the different ways companies are getting their names out there, it is not an easy feat to figure out which path is the best for you and your needs.

When discussing hiring outside professionals, the terms “marketing agency” and “advertising agency” are mentioned most often. Okay, so they both exist and deal in some way with promotions and company growth… but what does that mean for you?

Marketing Agencies for New Jersey Businesses

In the world of business, marketing is a giant bag of trail mix. It is one division (or tasty snack) that is made up of different components known as the 4 P’s: product, price, place and promotion (or the nuts, raisins, seeds and M&M’s respectively).

Dealing with an overarching concept, marketing agencies are all about strategy. Businesses in northern New Jersey looking for an image or brand revamp might benefit the most from what a marketing agency has to offer. Just like a bag of trail mix, a marketing agency will give you a whole medley of different services from market research to product pricing and distribution.

If you aren’t eyeing changes for something specific and are instead looking for overall product strategies and evolution, a marketing agency is the best bet for you.

The Benefits of Advertising Agencies in New Jersey

Advertising, the “promotions” of the 4 P’s, brings the efforts of marketing home as the crowd-favorite M&M’s of the proverbial trail mix.

While marketing is overarching, advertising agencies specialize in a specific element: directly informing potential customers about your product or service. Advertising agencies in NJ can disperse your messages throughout a variety of New Jersey, New York and national medias for public viewing.

Companies generally lean towards marketing agencies when they are not quite sure who their audience is or where to find them. However, many businesses already know all about their consumers, but just need some help to most effectively communicate with them. If the latter sounds like you, an advertising agency is the way to go.

Advertising and Marketing Combined: An Agency Made in Heaven

Why choose one or the other when you can have both? You may feel that your needs call for either advertising or marketing, but before you make that call, there are also full-service advertising agencies in New Jersey that specialize in both advertising and marketing.

Through the years, the line between marketing and advertising has blurred. Some marketing agencies say that they can touch on some specific forms of advertising, while several in advertising claim to dip into some marketing. Full-service marketing and advertising agencies don’t just dabble—it’s their job to do both with flying colors.

If your company wants more options, a well-balanced full-service marketing and advertising agency in New Jersey is the solution. Sure, nuts, raisins, seeds and M&M’s taste great separately on their own, but it’s when they are integrated together in the perfect ratio of sweet and salty goodness that they become a best-seller.

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