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Why You Should Hire a Digital Marketing Company in NJ

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Why Hire a Digital Marketing Company?

Digital marketing is more than a necessity – it’s a business imperative. Now, more than ever, companies are focused on developing innovative solutions, so they’re not thinking as much about marketing and outreach. But they should be. The truth is that every business should be thinking about building awareness and generating leads. We’ve assembled a list of seven reasons why you SHOULD hire a digital marketing company in New Jersey.

I Don’t Have the Time to Execute Digital Marketing

New Jersey folks are busy people, even in this “new normal” of reduced commuting to the city. All those hours formerly spent sitting in traffic or fighting for space on public transit is now being consumed hustling for new business. Delegation is key to success, and business owners need to focus on what they do best to build their business. It’s already challenging to find enough hours in a day to do your work, do you really have the time that you need to execute digital marketing?

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I Don’t Have the Marketing Skills In-House

This is something that we hear often. You don’t have a digital marketing company in NJ on speed dial. Nor do you have the required marketing skills in-house. We’ve got you covered! From analyzing your paid search conversion rates and optimizing your budget, to driving quality organic social traffic, and beyond, the knowledge we have will take your marketing to the next level. You may have marketing generalists, but we have marketing experts. Our team is constantly improving our skillset by monitoring industry trends and is constantly training and getting certified in the top marketing tools and software.

I Need Additional Support for my Current Marketing Team

Established businesses typically have a marketing team; even a small team can be effective if they are laser-focused on lead generation. When you hire a digital marketing agency from NJ, or from anywhere for that matter, it doesn’t have to be an all-or-none engagement. Perhaps you’re launching a new product or an event and you need some extra hands to manage the load. Maybe you’re looking for a way to get some more brand awareness and capitalize on search traffic. Or, it may be time to level up on emerging trends and to consider a short-term contract with a digital marketing agency to bring in some fresh thinking.

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I Can’t Afford an In-House Marketing Team

Ah, yes. The cost issue. It’s a big one that stresses out many business owners. Most clients never contact a digital marketing company in NJ until it’s too late and they’re already in a crunch. Why? Because many businesses think that marketing costs too much so they neither build an in-house marketing team nor contract out for digital marketing services. And then, something happens where the business is under pressure to bring on a marketing team and they hastily hire a random marketing person or pay whatever a digital marketing agency proposes. These solutions aren’t sustainable long-term and they’re merely band-aids.

I’ve Been Burned by Another Agency in the Past

We’re a NJ digital marketing company that is often called in to “pick up the pieces” after an expensive marketing agency (commonly from NYC) has promised the world, charged dearly for it and then left the business owner hanging. Horror stories like this abound. And we’re not going to pick on NYC – we ♥ NY! Digital marketing companies in NJ have inflicted damage on clients, too. Every marketing company has likely had to do damage control and clean up after another firm hasn’t done what they promised to do. Check references, ask questions and don’t feel pressured to sign a deal until you’re comfortable with it.

I Don’t Know Where to Start

To be fair, there are so many digital marketing companies in NJ and around the world, how do you choose one? Are you still unconvinced that you need one? Start there. Once you’re convinced, think about the project that you’d like to get some support with. What is your definition of success? Can your existing team get you there? If not, it’s worth considering hiring a digital marketing agency.

My Current “Marketing” Strategy Isn’t Moving the Needle

Marketing is hard. Nobody gets everything right all the time and trends change. So do consumers’ needs; they’re constantly shifting. It’s critical to keep up with changing times – and it’s essential to measure how your existing team and marketing strategy is performing. If you’re not moving the needle, maybe it’s time for a shot in the arm?

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