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When’s the Right Time to Discuss Contracts and Service Agreements with a Marketing Agency in NJ?

The last several blogs have walked you through some of the most critical questions you must ask when looking to hire a marketing agency in NJ. In case you missed them, you can find questions 1-7 here. 

Really take the time to think these things through, to really analyze and understand the responses you’ve received to those questions. See if the answers that a marketing agency in NJ gives matches up to the answers, and most importantly, the actions you need. 

Once the first seven questions have been asked and you feel 100% confident in an agency’s answers, then comes the 8th question, “Can we discuss contracts and service agreements?” 

Personally, when talking about contracts and service agreements, DSM has worked long and hard to get clients out of the old-fashioned model of retainers. It’s not about a bucket of hours to get stuff done; it’s about delivering tangible, real results and doing whatever it takes to make that happen. 

 That’s why it all boils down to transparency and honesty during both the initial stages and the complete duration of the relationship between agency and client. You, as the client, have to be upfront about what you need and what you want to achieve. Then, it’s on the NJ marketing agency to tell you, realistically, what it will take to achieve and deliver on that. All of that must be reflected within the contract and service agreement. Otherwise, think twice before signing on the dotted line. 

 If it’s not the right fit or it’s not within your budget, that’s cool. Seriously, we just need to know. That whole transparency thing we keep talking about should carry over from the beginning of any engagement with a marketing and advertising agency, to discussing contracts and service agreements and beyond. 

Thanks to our most recent series of blog posts, we’ve given you the questions you need to get the answers you need. Now it’s time to fly bird, fly. Go out there, stand tall and be confident in your agency choice. 

To help you along the decision-making process, we’ve created a checklist that can be found in our free e-book for you to refer to while interviewing and vetting a marketing agency in NJ. Use it as your Marketing Agency Bullsh*t Shield (trademark pending). 

Haven’t applied for your free strategy session yet? Head to to apply for a free, 45-minute strategy session with our marketing experts. Ask us your questions, use that handy dandy checklist and let’s see if we’re a good fit for one another.


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