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Jersey’s Best Marketers Under 40: We Earned It.

We’re proud to announce that not one, not two but three of our talented employees have been named as inductees for the following award:

JERSEY’S BEST Marketing and Communications Professionals Under 40: 2017

  1. Ryerson Kipp >> SVP, Creative Director
  2. Jason Diller >> SVP, Growth Director
  3. Leon Grassi >> VP of Sales & Marketing

This award goes to show how each of these talented professionals has created a substantial impact on the marketing industry.

Even though these are three individual awards, we think it demonstrates the depth of talent from marketers at DSM. We feel like these awards have been earned as a team, not individuals.

The New Jersey Advertising Club (NJADClub), in conjunction with the Jersey Shore Public Relations and Advertising Association (JSPRAA), has chosen the “Best of the Best” in their marketing and communications fields through their outstanding work, creativity, leadership, as well as giving back to their industry and the communities where they work and play. These inductees are a triple-threat of driven, bright and innovative employees and are at the core of the continued growth and success of our agency.

Best Marketing Agency NJ
Jason Diller, Leon Grassi & Ryerson Kipp of DSM

Our President and CEO Darren Magarro has very high praise for the inductees. “As a former Jersey’s Best winner, I understand the diligence and effort that needs to be demonstrated to qualify for this honor,” said Darren. “To say we are proud of these three is an understatement. They encompass all of the values, ethics and overall creative stamina of DSM and I couldn’t be prouder to have them on our team.”

Well said, Darren. We are so proud to call them our own.

Congratulations to the honorees!

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