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The Full-Service Advertising Agency in NJ

full-service-ad-agency-njBetween creative, digital, media buying and specialized advertising, selecting the right advertising agency in New Jersey to promote your business across a variety of mediums can seem a little daunting.

Instead of picking and choosing a handful of agencies with different fortes, your business should instead turn to one office that is well-versed in all jacks of the trade: the full-service advertising agency.

What is a Full-Service Advertising Agency?

A full-service advertising agency handles all types of promotions under one roof. Not only does this include the typical forms of advertising, but also marketing and public relations.

A solid, full-service agency will offer all of the following services: creative design, media buying, branding, website design, internet marketing, social media, SEO (search engine optimization), mobile advertising, public relations and, of course, all traditional forms of advertising such as print (newspapers and magazines), television and radio commercials, outdoor advertising and direct mail.

The Importance of a Full-Service Advertising Agency

Why is it important to have a full-service advertising agency? Imagine for a second that you commission three different artists to each paint a portrait of you. Like most craftsmen, each one has a different style and approach. The three finished products all represent you, but none of them look the same or are cohesive with one another. Everyone who sees all three of these portraits are confused, not knowing what you really look like, how you view yourself or how you want others to view you.

The scenario of these three painters is not unlike what will happen if you hire multiple agencies to handle your image. The advertising you use paints a picture of your business to the public. Conflicting messages will cause confusion in your audiences, leaving them unsure of what your brand is all about.

The Art of Brand Consistency

With a full-service advertising agency, everything is done in the same vision, style and approach. This ensures consistency with your brand image. With everything accomplished in one building, your social media will look the same as your website, which contains design elements of your print advertising, which is echoed in your direct mail, which has similar messages as your press releases, etc.

Instead of hoping all of your promotional elements can easily interlock with each other to create a sound representation of your company, know that they will.

Full Service, Full Results

Choosing to hire a full-service advertising agency in NJ to promote your business will leave you satisfied and definitely less stressed. An agency that knows not only how to handle all aspects of advertising but also how those aspects intermingle with one another will strengthen your brand. This, in turn, increases sales, consumer trust and overall likability of your business.

Check out a full-service advertising agency in your area to explore what all-encompassing options are available for you.

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