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A Marketing Directors Take on Data-Driven Marketing (Video Interview)

Marketing truly is a mix of art and science. It not only needs to look great but also needs to perform in order to be considered a success. Art is subjective but testing and numbers hold finite value. There are many approaches to testing your marketing strategy, for example you could track new product users, people entering the purchase funnel and number of sales. By testing, you have the opportunity to see what is working, what isn’t working and then use your learnings to make adjustments that deliver results. 

We had Chelsey Nagy, our Senior Marketing Manager, interview Ed Plotts the Director of Marketing at Pawlicy Advisor to learn about how a Marketing Director defines success through data-driven marketing. 

Pawlicy Advisor is a pet insurance marketplace that helps pet parents save. Ed works with the founders to execute growth strategies that win investors which primarily involves brand building through content, PPC, CRO and partnerships. 

In this interview, Chelsey and Ed chat a lot about data-driven marketing and conversion rate optimization (CRO). Ed highlights important KPIs for his company, they both share their favorite tools to use to conduct tests and track data and finally, Ed wraps up by sharing the success he’s had since joining Pawlicy in January 2020.

Connect with Ed and Pawlicy here:

Watch the full interview here: 


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