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In mid-2022, DSM partnered with RockLove Jewelry, an international, licensed jewelry designer and producer.

They had one primary goal: A small team with limited bandwidth, partner with an expert firm to implement a paid social media strategy that would drive more sales in 2022.

To infinity & beyond!

How DSM built RockLove a winning e-commerce strategy.

The problems DSM identified.

  • Organize their campaign structure
  • Reassess their campaign objectives
  • Optimize their paid ad testing

How DSM got their campaigns buzzing.

DSM optimized the RockLove sales funnel, and changed their campaign objectives to drive more traffic to their website and put an increased focus on testing multiple types of ads.

Our results.

  • 362% Sales Increase
    from Facebook

  • 92% Traffic Increase
    from social media

  • 52% Sales Increase
    from Instagram

Without a champion on staff to lead paid ad strategy, RockLove was struggling with inefficient spend and low ROAS.

The three most significant issues DSM identified that were the main challenges:


Most of the ads were set up to maximize visibility rather than sales.


There wasn’t a focus on nurturing and re-engaging their existing audience.


RockLove had dozens of campaigns running, but lacked the time and expertise to optimize the best campaigns and kill off the losers.

How DSM began the journey of saving RockLove from the evil low ROAS.

Our efforts started with optimizing their Meta ads suite for ease of understanding & better management of their e-commerce campaigns objectives and structure.

Creating a successful social media advertising strategy.

The key is understanding where your customers are in the funnel. To make things easier for everyone, we organized their campaigns into a well-honed machine:

TOFU (Top of funnel)

Understanding your audience is one of the most important aspects of a successful e-commerce strategy.

Making sure the correct customers see the right ads is an essential first step. By targeting audiences interested in the properties featured by RockLove, we were able to bring them a 2.43 return on their ad spend. This ROAS above 2x for broad interest targeting made the ads profitable and their solid returning customer rate drives lifetime customer value.

MOFU (Middle of funnel)

Using your customer’s data is paramount to keep them engaged and moving through the funnel.

Our middle-of-funnel ads brought RockLove a 3.36 ROAS, using ethical customer data for retargeting people who engaged with the brand but hadn’t purchased.

BOFU (Bottom of funnel)

Maintaining a loyal customer base is imperative when building a brand or business.

Ensuring that past customers were informed about new collections and gift opportunities through prior purchase retargeting helped bring RockLove a 6.40 ROAS at the bottom of their sales funnel.

This setup allowed us to better understand and target the correct audiences because, without the right targeting, you’re throwing money at the wall and hoping something sticks.

Nightmare Before Christmas ring from RockLove

Our first challenge…
The Nightmare Before Christmas.

In 2022, RockLove Jewelry had the biggest Cyber Monday in its history, doing nearly 250% more orders and generating over 200% more revenue than Cyber Monday 2021. Revenue from Meta increased by 130%.

The optimizations we made to their paid social media strategy resulted in sales that more than doubled their goals for the holiday season. Learn how the wizards at DSM can bring some magic to your social strategy!

And we didn't stop there…

Q4 2023 saw continued success with social advertising, with a 71% increase in revenue from just 6.5% more spend.

How did we continue to improve from a success like that? We doubled down on what worked and expand our reach to middle and bottom of funnel shoppers. We also expanded our audience using customer data to reach new people across social media.​

E-Commerce ad optimizations and testing.

It can be challenging to know what will resonate with customers right away.

That’s why rigorous testing is integral to a social media marketing strategy. For RockLove, we tested a few variables, including image copywriting comparisons.

These tests take time, but they provide valuable insights into what their customers responded to and what sold. With the information we gained from testing, we were able to streamline the process of creating new ads and drive more add-to-carts and conversions.

It’s all about the right person,
at the right time, with the right ad.

That’s why it’s vital to have a professional at the controls.

An effective social media marketing strategy ensures that ads are running at the right time, and if some aren’t working, they are optimized or removed. Optimizing timing and reach to the right audiences are vital to success with social media ads.

Finally, just because you have a set amount to spend on your social media advertising doesn’t mean it will always get spent correctly if there’s not a reputable marketing professional at the helm. That’s why the digital marketing agency you choose needs to know how to spend and optimize your hard-earned money to provide a positive return on ad spend and investment.

Step up your Ecommerce Sales funnel

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