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Inside Account Service At A Marketing Agency

Below is Christine Devereaux’s take on what it’s like in Account Services at DSM

For decades, advertising agencies (like ours) have been asked “what is account service” or “why am I being billed for this?” For the most part, it’s easy to justify phone calls and meetings with Clients as they are a part of the interaction. However, what clients don’t see is all the time that is spent behind the scenes working on their behalf.

Whether it’s solving a problem, coming up with story ideas and pitches, researching, working on strategies and plans or job trafficking to make sure that projects are where they should be and on-time.

I can’t tell you how many times throughout my career that I have been asked by clients to explain exactly what I’m doing for them and when it’s all laid out in front of them, they can’t believe how much time is spent and what was actually done.

Account service is also a huge benefit to clients because we handle the nitty gritty and spare them from being involved. They just receive the final product: neatly packaged and smoothly delivered. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, it could be a whole different story – a screwed up file, Fed Ex is late, a printing error and the final product needs to be redone.

That’s what we are paid to do, have clients focus on making their business succeed and let us do what we do best – give them peace of mind knowing that we are always working with their best interest in mind.

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