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9 Minutes of Creative Wisdom Podcast Features Darren

Our fearless leader, Darren, was featured on the 9 Minutes of Creative Wisdom Podcast with Olga Kirshenbaum!

Darren and Olga discussed the responsibility of leading people, money being something to embrace and avoiding the trap of doing too much with not enough. Olga’s episodes are short and sweet, literally 9 minutes or less…so go have a quick listen.


You can watch the episode here, or listen to it wherever you consume your podcast content:

  • Google Podcasts –
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Olga is a money coach who is referred to as the “money whisperer” by her clients. She posts 2 podcast episodes per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Learn more about Olga and her consulting business, Rags to Riches Consulting at her website.

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