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Email Marketing

DSM is a full-service email marketing agency in northern NJ. Who thought email marketing died out years ago? We sure didn’t. We take pride in our email marketing to provide the biggest return on investment (ROI) for you and your company.

Sure, we can woo you with fancy statistics about email marketing; about how it has a 4,300% ROI or that 74% of consumers prefer commercial communication via email, but we’d rather just prove to you that our email marketing works. At DSM, we’re an agency that uses visually appealing emails to draw in potential leads. Our email marketing, paired with an outstanding marketing campaign will increase your ability to increase leads and close sales.

Here at DSM, we’re marketing professionals who put in time and effort to establish long-lasting relationships with you and your clients. We plan, strategize, deliver and track your email marketing campaign. We help your company save time, money and resources by using our email marketing campaigns. What more could you want?!

Email Marketing Automation

Make no mistake, email marketing is alive and well and should be considered a darkhorse in your marketing arsenal. When it comes to reducing overhead costs, email marketing automation should be your go-to guy.

Email marketing automation is a system based on strategic research and testing that automatically sends targeted emails to the right person at the right time.

Reports show that 39% of marketers don’t have a strategy for email marketing. As a full-service marketing agencybased in Bergen County, NJ, we’ll make sure your strategy is on point.

Strategic Segmentation

Our marketing agency, based in New Jersey, knows the ins and outs of a well-crafted email strategy that’ll keep your business on your clients’ minds.

Our agency starts by gathering customer data to identify key variables that will effectively segment your clientele and help you optimize your profit margins.

In the modern social era, you can’t treat your customer base as a single entity. We’ll work with you to determine which demographics will maximize your returns.

Tracking Sales and Visitor Engagement

Email marketing may be something you’ve tossed aside in the past, but not anymore. Email should be an integral part of your campaign because its metrics are worth their weight in gold.

Directly check whether your email was received and/or opened as well as if the recipient would like to unsubscribe to your emails or not.

As a full-service marketing agency in northern NJ, we have tools to analyze performance indicators such as open rates, click through rates, conversion rates and unsubscribe rates. This way, you can better optimize your campaign efforts.

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