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You only get one chance to make a first impression.

We injected the store’s old school style with new school design. The results are turning heads.

Not Your Average Retail Experience

Sal Lauretta for Men was founded back in 1974, before Bergen County exploded into the retail mecca it is today.

Year after year, new competitors rise and old competitors fall, but Sal Lauretta’s legacy remains intact because the family insists on doing things differently.

A visit to Sal Lauretta for Men is distinctly different from a visit to any chain store. The store is unashamedly old school. The staff love what they do, and you can’t help but admire their expertise in their craft. Most importantly, though, they take care of you like you’re family. We put together a few vignettes to show potential customers what a visit feels like.

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Knowing you're good at what you do is great. Everyone knowing: priceless.

It’s no coincidence that DSM has been helping spread the word about Sal Lauretta for Men for a decade.

In that time, the store has nearly tripled its sales and continues to receive accolades for being one of the finest men’s clothing stores and tailors in all of northern New Jersey. Over the years, it has also become a household name to the Who’s Who crowd of Bergen County.

Sal Lauretta for Men is the best at what they do.
We just help make sure everybody knows it.

Word of Mouth

Google My Business is a critical marketing tool for brick and mortars. Sal Lauretta for Men has dozens of 5-Star reviews that establish its place on the map in Bergen County.

Precision-Cut Branding

When it comes to men’s fashion, a logo is a status symbol. Sal Lauretta for Men is known for its consistency, and they wanted to make sure that reputation is carried over to its branding as well.

Quality & Consistency

We overhauled the store’s branding to make sure it looked modern and clean while maintaining its old-world charm and assembled a visual style guide to ensure brand consistency.

Whether you’re checking out Sal Lauretta for Men on Instagram or you flip across one of its full-page ads in 201 magazine, the use of branding subtly conveys the store’s consistent commitment to quality.

Clean & Simple

Just like a good wardrobe, a website needs to be up with the current trends and styles. We recently updated the Sal Lauretta for Men site to improve both the design and the user experience.

We looked at the most visited pages and rebuilt the navigation on the site to make it even easier for visitors to find what they need.

We made sure to showcase our new creative and the top brands that are available at the store.

“We know great style and design when we see it, that’s why we love working with DSM. The incredible branding and creative work speaks for itself.”

Ralph Lauretta
General Manager

Social Influence

Not to name drop but Sal Lauretta for Men has some influential clientele, including celebrities and athletes like Odell Beckham Jr., Tracy Morgan, Paul Teutul Sr., and Bilal Powell…just to name a few.

Befittingly, DSM realized that the most influential people in their universe were getting style advice from Sal Lauretta!

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Doubling Down on Social Media

We shifted the focus of their social media feeds away from designers and stock photography and brought their staff — the real influencers when it comes to fashion in Bergen County — into the spotlight. Engagement on their posts more than doubled almost immediately.

Style That’s Got Game.

For a large portion of their advertising, DSM began featuring Sal Lauretta in regional fashion publications like (201) Magazine, Bergen Magazine, VUE Magazine, Industry Magazine and more.

DSM decided to create a campaign that would appeal to anybody. How? By removing the models and featuring styled and tailored clothing in action. The only difference is, nobody was in the clothing. DSM removed the models to help the shopper envision themselves in the clothing.

Being Seen in All the Right Places

Our team has over 25 years of experience placing both local and national media, from major TV and radio spots to your local paper.

Picture Yourself in This

We love to be inspired by fashion photography, but let’s be honest — the models look so unrealistic and tend to take the focus away from the clothes. We wanted Sal Lauretta’s customers to be able to picture themselves in their custom clothing, so we did our own photoshoot and literally took the models out of the picture. We put the focus entirely where it belongs, on the clothing.

Let’s Keep In Touch

Customer service is a cornerstone of Sal Lauretta’s success, and communication is a critical part of that.

Our guidance on how the store communicates via social media helped double its engagement. We encouraged them to move away from photography provided by the designers and focusing more on content produced inside their store.

We also design eye-catching emails to keep customers aware of upcoming sales and events. These emails drive serious foot traffic into the store, which means more sales for Sal Lauretta for Men.

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