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It was our job to make sure OmniActive’s website brought as much good health to their business as their products bring to the world.


OmniActive has been delivering innovative, trendsetting health ingredients to the dietary supplement and functional food industries since 2004. As consumers continue to search for new products and ingredients to support their healthy, active lifestyles, OmniActive’s portfolio of scientifically validated, branded ingredients and proprietary delivery systems help address their needs globally.

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The OmniActive Product Line

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OmniActive gets the same boost their products are known for

OmniActive is truly a pioneer in the health industry. However, their website definitely needed a boost. We took OmniActive’s vibrant history and translated that into an exciting palette with a modern look and feel.

It was a common problem; their website wasn’t delivering the results that an active marketing tool should; it was informational but not optimized for conversions. Our team was excited to help this global health company catapult their website and their marketing into the modern era to accomplish what they needed to be successful in their competitive space.

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The right formula to boost an international marketing machine

With our goals in order, we set off to create a website that was not only beautiful but had the ability to capture leads for their sales team.

OmniActive already had strong brand awareness around some of its most popular proprietary ingredients. ​​We designed custom site pages to communicate the things that matter most to their target audience – the benefits, the clinical research and the technology. That direct messaging, highlighting those important aspects, is exactly what their customers crave. When you take that and combine it with stunning site pages, displayed to be both functional and captivating, that’s when the conversions happen.

OmniActive’s Improving Lives Foundation

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Precision-Cut Branding

We were also tasked with bringing their Improving Lives Foundation to life in a meaningful way. Sharing statistics and data about the issues many people face in rural India would simply be overwhelming. Instead, we focused on the tangible results the foundation is delivering to literally improve lives for the communities they serve.

Healthy ingredients, healthy results.

Customer service is a cornerstone of Sal Lauretta’s success, and communication is a critical part of that.

By creating a website built for digital marketing and not just for show, we were able to get these killer results.

We increased organic traffic by 175% quickly after the new site launch by making on-page and off-page optimizations.

Implementing proper SEO best practices across the site, in combination with strong brand awareness, the top 10 keyword rankings have increased by 57% in just 7 months.

By incorporating clear calls to action throughout and implementing a new CRM, the website now connects OmniActive’s sales team with dozens of qualified leads each month. In 7 months, their website conversion rate increased by 267%. We are definitely feeling the positive results for this client inside and out.

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