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Boutique Insurance Brokerage Inspired by Couture Fashion

Can you make insurance sexy? We did. Among tremendous competition, we built a mark and digital presence that clearly stands out from the pack.

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Their Problem

Despite long-standing relationships and a successful business model, KORE lacked a brand presence that truly matched their aggressive approach to the insurance brokerage market. Basically, it was a white K in a blue box (see below). KORE represents some of the largest insurance companies in the world and had a website that simply didn’t look the part.

Our Solution

We started at the core (read: KORE. sorry, couldn’t help it) and built all new messaging that accurately represented the collective voice of KORE Insurance. The logo speaks for itself. Boom. We then built a competitive website powered by all the right analytics and marketing software to make the site start working for the company. It’s an asset that will now gather actionable intelligence to augment the traditional efforts of KORE’s team of producers. A platform built to convert visitors to opportunities.

Scope of Work

More than an icon

Original Brand Identity

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Updated Brand Identity

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The New Look

With high fashion in mind, we created couture promotional and marketing elements that elevated the KORE brand. Promotional items should still be a strategic differentiator in marketing (read: everyone loves cool, free stuff.) Yeah, it’s a notepad, but it’s a really nice lookin’ notepad.

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“KORE’s position at the head of the pack is a result of our relentless pursuit of delivering the best results on behalf of our clients.”

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The website needed to be a reflection of the positioning and brand that was created. The inspiration behind this aesthetic came from luxury brands. Particularly automotive and fashion. Think Prada meets Mercedes at the country club. Long story short, KORE.

Digital Footprint

If you’re not on the first page of Google, you’re irrelevant. Or, at least that’s what people will have you believe. DSM builds sites that focus on driving the right traffic by putting the right message in front of the right person at the right time. That’s what we did for KORE.

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“A successful brand should convey the level of service and sophistication its clients demand. DSM helped us get there. Together, we created a luxury brand that perfectly reflects what KORE stands for.”

Sean Thomas

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