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Marketing is the best medicine for beating the big dogs.

The inside scoop on how to out-strategize the competitors can make all the difference.

Inside Rx & DSM

Inside Rx savings cards help consumers across the country lower their prescription drug costs.

We helped them find their market fit and thrive, producing a 596% increase in their most important metric with our solutions and strategies in place.


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Struggling to fit in a competitive market

Inside Rx came to us struggling to find their place within an aggressively competitive marketplace.

That’s where we came in. Cue the DSM theme song that doesn’t exist but needs to. Stay tuned.

For Inside Rx, increased traffic and downloads of their savings card were the specific KPIs (key performance indicators) that we set out to focus on and improve. Since we couldn’t out-budget their biggest competitors, we had to find a better way to beat the big dogs.

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“We’ve built an incredible relationship with the team at DSM. Their process dovetails perfectly with the work our internal marketing team is doing to help us meet and exceed our goals.”

Janine Nowatzky
Managing Director at Inside Rx

Getting the message across…

In a niche market where there is essentially no brand loyalty, we knew that messaging would be a major deciding factor amongst consumers and a deciding factor in determining the right fit for Inside Rx within this market.


Over the course of 2019, we tested a variety of messaging angles that we thought could appeal to their target audience. We also tested different geographies, ad placements, and platforms. We learned what was working and what was not and we pivoted accordingly to optimize on positive results. For instance, we found out that targeting women with a message about “women’s health” was just too general — it didn’t resonate with how our target audience sees themselves.

And learning

After implementing and analyzing different copy, we learned that less is more. Our tests proved that it was crucial to effectively communicate the savings, so we did. At the end of the day, people just want the facts and they want the best deal. Let’s be real, who doesn’t?

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Doubling down on what works

Equipped with our test results, we amplified our messaging with paid media and blew the proverbial doors off. Our in-house creative team then took that messaging and applied it across our social media advertising, out-of-home placements like billboards and digital displays, email designs, and trade show creative. As detail-oriented marketers, we don’t just turn things on and walk away.

We strategize, we create, we implement, we test. We watch the data and learn from it.

Visibility where and when our consumers are most likely to convert.

With a solid understanding of the data, kick-butt copy and dynamic design in place, it was time to take our efforts to the doctor’s offices. To increase brand awareness and physical visibility, we extended our out-of-home placements to waiting rooms. By partnering with doctor’s offices to display that aforementioned kick-butt copy and dynamic design, we were able to get in front of Inside Rx’s target audience at a pivotal part of their journey and visually showcase the savings at a point when people need it most. Because “sometimes, ‘just what the doctor ordered’ is more than we can afford.”

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The results.

Our due diligence as an agency that can focus on you and your needs, checking stats and budgets every day, is a massive part of what makes us successful in not only meeting but exceeding business goals and KPIs for our clients.

That’s how we increased Inside Rx’s savings card downloads by 596% from Q1 to Q4 of 2019.

We think it’s safe to say, “Boom. Crushed it.” Insert metaphorical mic drop here.

We’re a marketing agency. We’re not afraid of a little shameless plug.

So, if you want to save an average of 70% on brand and generic medications*, a Prescription Savings Card from Inside Rx is calling your name. Just picture us winking at you right now.

*Average savings based on usage and Inside Rx data as compared to cash prices; average savings for all generics are 78%; 37% for select brand medications; restrictions apply.

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The search for prescription savings ends here.

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