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Fresh Water,
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At DSM, making a big splash is our specialty. With fresh statistics and a new strategy, the weather’s not the only thing heating up this summer for Lake Hopatcong.

Live The Lake NJ has everything a great business needs.

They have a solid business model, a great set of experiences, and excellent customer service. Their issue? Getting people to spend a day at Lake Hopatcong instead of the infamous Jersey Shore.

Using our marketing ecosystem we set out to give the fine folks of New Jersey a new summer destination and change the perception of what a trip to Lake Hopatcong could be.

Results & KPIs:

Our campaign made a big splash! Revamping their emails, and getting eyes on their brand throughout Northern New Jersey drove huge increases in brand awareness and web traffic.

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Increase in Email Open Rate
TikTok Sessions in 24 Hours
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Increase in Page Sessions

Live The Lake NJ & DSM

Utilizing a variety of marketing tactics to support their overwhelmed internal marketing team, our Salty Vs. Fresh campaign included billboards, paid search, organic and paid social, email marketing, and more. With a full-service marketing agency driving messaging on multiple mediums, Live the Lake NJ saw their busiest season ever!

All told, we gave Live The Lake NJ a 309% increase in page sessions, among other fresh statistics. Interested in how we took their business from salty to fresh? Well, throw away your boardwalk pizza, put down your $19 lemonade, and throw on your lifejackets because you’re about to live the lake!

Creative Design

Managing multiple brands and businesses under one project is one of our specialties. Whether it was a long-standing restaurant or an adventure tour company, crafting unique messages and voices while showcasing the connections between the various businesses was an absolute must for Live The Lake NJ.

Account Management

At DSM, our client’s trust is essential to everybody involved’s success. Weekly status meetings and open lines of communication helped us move faster and pivot our strategies quickly to move away from things that weren’t working and capitalize on things that were driving results.

"DSM’s creative execution is always fresh and focused. From their Salty vs. Fresh campaign to their email designs, the work is always so high level. You know it’s working when customers talk about the creative that we’re running. Last year was our most successful summer and we’re already seeing better results this year!"

Michelle Reynolds
Live the Lake NJ

Billboard / Out-of-Home

Out-of-home advertising isn’t dead. In fact, it’s still highly effective when paired with a solid strategy. Billboards need to be placed strategically to get people at their most frustrated points before and after a day at the shore—in traffic. By placing our billboard at a critical spot on Rt. 17 in Paramus, we were guaranteed sunburned, tired drivers with families coming home after a long day at the shore. Using a trackable URL, we were able to attribute direct traffic to their site from the billboard. Our billboard and social campaign together drove nearly 4,000 page views from June to September.
Father and daughter hauling a bunch of beach items and looking miserable

After careful consultation from the marketing experts at DSM, Live The Lake NJ saw their biggest spike In organic traffic yet, with over 1,000 clicks and 1,269 sessions!

Live The Lake NJ & DSM

Live The Lake NJ’s experiential services are best conveyed through video. Who doesn’t want to see what they’ll do on their hydrobike tour or the fresh pizza hot out of the oven? Leveraging platforms like TikTok and Instagram, organic and paid social drove huge views and clicks to their site! One day after publishing our Tiktok, they saw over 1,000 clicks and 1,269 sessions, the highest they’ve ever seen!

30% More In Your Inbox

With a robust list of past customers, leveraging email marketing to announce upcoming events and specials was a no-brainer. As part of Live The Lake NJ’s marketing ecosystem, targeted email marketing helped them sell out concerts under the stars and pack restaurants all season long.

Using email segmentation and a comprehensive distribution schedule, we increased their open rate by 30% across all email campaigns!

In Your Search

Search is still one of the most potent ways to reach a new customer base, so it was imperative that we gave Live The Lake NJ a refresh on their SEO. Updating pages with keyword-focused content for higher organic traffic and dishing out some fresh meta descriptions and SEO titles to get users to click through resulted in their sites reaching people who needed a day on the lake.

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