There are a lot of advertising blogs out there. A LOT. All offer something unique, and not only is it hard to find the ad blog right for you, but nobody has the time to spend searching among the thousands out there.

It’s like being in a candy store and only having the option to choose a couple types of candy. Reeses vs. Twix? Gummy Worms vs. Swedish Fish?

My brain is hurting just thinking about it. Don’t worry, DSM is here to let everybody know which advertising blogs are above the rest in this list of the Top 25 Advertising Blogs.

Ads of the World

Ads of the World is basically an advertising version of Disney’s Epcot, except it’s even more awesome and top-notch.

With over 50 different countries contributing to it, Ads of the World is more diverse and extensive than Batman’s array of gadgets and vehicles. You can view hundreds of different Ads, whether it be print, radio, TV, outdoor, DM, online or ambient. You can filter your search by these categories as well as 25 distinct industries to tailor the results the way you want.

With a highly user-friendly website, Ads of the World is the Swiss Army-Knife of advertising blogs, and should definitely be one of the blogs you take a look at it on a regularly basis (yes its that good).

Ad Age

Ad Age is kind of like the Abraham Lincoln of the marketing world: Big, Wise, and kind of a bad-ass. Ad Age has been one of the foremost authorities of all things marketing and will continue to be. Riveting content, simple layout and extensive knowledge in multiple areas have thousands of people visiting and commenting on blogs daily. For me, that’s what I love about Ad Age.

It’s so big that you can comment on a blog and interact not only with the bloggers but marketing professionals around the world. Ad Age provides content that is worth discussing and thought-provoking. Check it out and read some comments to expand your knowledge.


Don’t let the title overwhelm you! Adfreak is one of the best authorities of both “the best and worst of advertising, branding and design” out there. With daily articles on the most recent ads that are causing a stir around the globe, Adfreak offers concrete and descriptive blogs on the pros, cons and effects of recent ads.

Informative and insightful are the best two ways to describe the posts on Adfreak. I like to think of it as the advertising version of NBC Nightly News. There are no curveballs here, just nice fastballs down the middle of the plate.

So if you compare yourself to a guy like Ron Swanson, and prefer a juicy steak or nice warm bath without any interruptions, Adfreak should be your go-to blog. A solid site for advertising news.

The Curious Brain

One of the better-named advertising blogs in my opinion, The Curious Brain has a simple design and focuses on ads as well as gifs for the younger, tech-savvy generation. The Curious Brain mainly posts edgy, sardonic and viral posts.

Most importantly, The Curious Brain offers a strong variety of ads, whether they are cartoon and artistically drawn ads, gifs, and other cleverly simple ads all audiences can appreciate.

Basically, The Curious Brain is a lot better version than the cartoons in the newspaper. Definitely recommended.

The Ad Contrarian

As a sports fan, I love statistics and I often look for statistics to use in all my decisions, ranging from fantasy football to essay-writing. This blog pulls you in and keeps your attention but also clearly states the main point and gives you concrete proof (via awesome statistics) to back itself up.

The Ad Contrarian is the best of both worlds; a blog where great conversational writing meets business-oriented content and statistical analysis.

A clear layout, and amazing content make The Ad Contrarian a clutch advertising blog and one that I personally love and check daily.

Creative Criminals

Awesome Site. Awesome Name. Awesome as a whole. Creative Criminals is the total package: slick, sleek, smart and sexy (kind of like me).

Not only does it have its amazing blog, but also offers users advertising rankings, how to contact each writer directly and option to submit work that (if well-written) will be published on the blog. Creative Criminals also gives its visitors a list of available job openings (linked from the blog) in all major advertising agencies across the Globe.

Check out its blog for eye-catching content that will expand your ad knowledge as well as kick start your creativity.


Chances are, you’ve heard about Digitalbuzz for its all-star use of Twitter. Many of its posts have gone viral for their intriguing content and stellar writing.

DigitalBuzz focuses on video advertisements that have become popular or are rising in the media. Another ad blog that centers itself on creative digital content, Digital Buzz hits all of their targets creatively and concisely. Definitely take a look!

Tom Fishburne

A self-proclaimed “Marketoonist” since the early 2000’s, Tom Fishburne has been published in the Wall Street Journal, Epicurious and numerous other newspapers and magazines. His blog is based on personally drawn cartoon ads, that are marketing-driven.

In plain English, he draws ads about marketing. Overall, visitors can comment on his blog about his cleverly satirical cartoons, and is definitely worthy of a retweet or Facebook share.

Creative Guerilla Marketing

Also up there for consideration in the category for “Best-Named Ad Blog”, I’d take Creative Guerilla Marketing on the bill any day. Similar to Adfreak, Creative Guerilla Marketing uses ads as the starting point to speak in-depth about marketing and its tactical effects.

One of its most noteworthy aspects is that the bloggers are skilled writers and their overall eloquence and command of the English language is apparent in their articles making them a more fascinating and easier read for its visitors.


FuelLines is very user-friendly and each article provides great info, combining an insider’s perspective with a new visitor’s opinion in one. Moreover, each article is focused on content that is compelling and answers both easy questions and in-depth ones.

It’s kind of like wearing an open collar button down flashing a little bit of upper chest. It’s formal but also says it likes to party. Definitely check out FuelLines, it may enlighten you on important topics you would have never thought of.

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MediaBistro – Agency Spy

When you first read the name, did you think of a nice cozy cup of coffee with some delicious food? Well, I did, turns out I was wrong but as it so happens I wasn’t all that disappointed.

What’s truly exceptional about MediaBistro is that it analyzes all different types of ads from an advertising agency’s perspective. The bloggers here all have some experience working for an advertising or marketing agency, and their articles are all based on the conceptualization of the ad and goal of the ad from its very beginnings.

Basically, MediaBistro is your inside guy feeding you info on what these organizations are really plotting. Alright it’s not as serious or realistic but you get the point.


Adrants is one of my personal favorites and one of the most popular advertising blogs as well. Adrants does not only confine itself to advertising as it also covers marketing and social media as well. Don’t count this one out because of that.

Adrants has a catchy design and its posts are not too wordy and yet still very insightful. Adrants prides itself on its posts about viral content, hooking you up with the most recent information like ice cream on a hot summer day.

BBH Labs

While this does sometimes cross the line between advertising and marketing, BBH Labs offers acumen in both areas (yup, I used a thesaurus for that gem). Defining itself as “New Models around Technology, Entertainment and Brands”, BBH does a fine job of differentiating itself in only focusing on these three core topics.

If you’re into technology, philosophical blog writing or reading articles about ads not necessarily mainstream, check out BBH Labs.

David Airey

David Airey is truly an incredible individual with a gift for blogging comparable to Sheldon Cooper’s gift for Physics.

Airey blogs about books, branding, innovation and multiple other topics. But his advertising posts are noteworthy because he has worked with a variety of companies on their advertising and branding problems and potential solutions. Airey also engages his readers in their comments, which is an added bonus.

Wieden + Kennedy

The reigning “Best Advertising Agency in the World” as rated by Forbes, W+K is the guy at the stoplight driving an orange Lamborghini with the supermodel girlfriend on his way to the big game whose team he has season tickets to.

W+K has a blog that is extremely user-friendly and full of good stuff, but lacks solid writing. Nevertheless, W+K does ads for Old Spice, Coke and Nike among hundreds of others, and lends some insight as the number one ad agency in the world.

We Are Social

Another site with a dominating global presence, We Are Social covers marketing across all the major cities; New York, London, Milan, Paris, Sydney, etc. We Are Social is jam-packed with a lot of information, but don’t let that scare you away.

Did Lance Armstrong stop biking because of cancer? No. He took steroids and became a champion (at least for a little while). We Are Social is the same way; it’s on advertising steroids with enthusiastic writers who provide fun content.


Mashable is as popular and viral as strep throat during winter, but in a good way! Mashable has an intense amount of content as it spans across many topics such as politics, television, etc.

Mashable has a lot of content and admittedly, some of it is not entirely advertising-focused. However, there is plenty of content there that is useful if you have some time to browse. Mashable is probably your dream home if you’ve been looking for one site for all your viral news of the day.


As cool as a new Lamborghini, LogoPond is a site dedicated strictly to logo innovation and design. What does this have to do with Advertising Blogs? LogoPond frequently sells its logos and its forum is a platform for each individual logo’s appeal.

In the forum, all of the artists behind the logos look for advice and constructive criticism of a logo’s advertising effects on the viewer. Take a look and who knows, you might get some creative inspiration.

The Inspiration Room

Another site that contains as many different country’s ads as the amount of queso I ate last Saturday night.

Very similar to Ads of the world except The Inspiration Room generally covers unordinary ads that are typically far from mainstream. If that’s your thing, The Inspiration Room has some captivating info and interesting perspectives. Plus it’s got a really catchy name.


No, I don’t know what it stands for or how it got its name. But I do know this: this website basically gives a ton of others a round-house kick to the face Schwayze-style.

PSFK is all about ads and the creative business behind them. Advertising from the viewpoint of a creative director who must take into consideration the business vantage point of the ad. If you’re a hopeful creative designer, or you are fascinated when creativity meets business, PSFK is your Mona Lisa.

Fuel Your Creativity

Turns out I like the word Fuel. Or maybe I just like ad blogs that keep me interested for the long haul. Either way, Fuel Your Creativity is a blog centered on the inspiration behind the creativity.

How the idea came to fruition. This is almost entirely geared towards those artists out there trying to create a masterpiece with their own hands. If you’re one of these people, check it out, you won’t be disappointed.


As clever as its name, Adverblog is a more recent website turned blog which usually centers on digital advertising and marketing.

What is great about Adverblog is that the bloggers will give you a consultation about an idea or give you advice on any questions you have. This is done by either through submitting your idea or writing on a blog post. Especially in the continuing importance of digital advertising, Adverblog hits the nail on the head with their blogs and advertising knowledge.

The Wall

Chex Mix. Always a solid snack. That’s kind of how The Wall is: a mix of advertising, media and marketing, but always good content.

The Wall uses these subjects on a platform for a greater point, and does so in an intriguing fashion for all readers. While it is not strictly about advertising, there is always some interesting content and food for thought at The Wall.

Do not confuse with the Wall of the Game of Thrones, but a solid site to visit nonetheless.

Twitter’s Advertising Blog

Are you surprised? Well, so was I. Twitter’s blog is rather new and unheralded. But like every underdog or young gun looking for a chance to prove themselves and rise to the occasion.

Twitter’s Advertising Blog is continually improving and will continue to do so with time and followers (currently at 367,000). While this may not be the top advertising blog, it is formidable and does contain some interesting stuff. With all the time everyone spends on twitter, it is worth following.

Best Ads on TV

The title pretty much speaks for itself, but don’t worry it also includes the best ads in print, outdoor, interactive and radio. Done on a daily schedule, Best Ads on TV contains the daily digest of the best ads out there and challenges the viewers to comment and spark debate.

Not to mention that it has a large variety of categories and archives every ad so users can go back and watch any ad they have posted. Described in one word: clutch.

Which blogs are you reading? What blogs have the best content? Let us know in the comments below?