It goes without question that blogging is one of the most important inbound marketing tactics a company can use to attract attention to their site. Blogging is like the gold mine of content marketing and is an integral part of your inbound marketing strategy. We’re all aware that blogging contains so many benefits to a business, such as driving traffic back to the company’s website, helping convert this traffic into leads, positioning the brand as an industry leader and developing better customer relationships.

But should a company name their blog or leave it as is? Let’s go into some good ol’ pros and cons to help determine whether or not attaching a name to your blog will increase its effectiveness at all.

Should a Company Name Their Blog

Pros of a Company Naming Their Blog:

  • Branding, branding, branding. Making a positive impression can go a long way for your reputation. A targeted blog name that stands out in your consumers’ minds can certainly give a good impression to readers.
  • If your title is clever and memorable, more readers will be likely to remember your site and visit again at a later time. A generic title like “Marketing Blog” certainly isn’t a name that’s going to attract visitors – instead, add some individuality to your blog and let your company’s culture shine through.
  • Putting a name to your blog can ensure that the content is relevant and organized. Specifying what type of content will be in the blog ensures that your team of writers stays consistent, and your audience knows what to expect.

Cons of a Company Naming Their Blog:

  • Naming your company blog something other than the name of the company has potential risks. Readers may become prone to remembering only the name of the blog and not remembering the actual company name – definitely counter-intuitive to the whole idea of blogging to bring in business.
  • There is no research that finds a separate name for a blog adds additional value for your company. Creating another name may only increase additional work for your team, not additional value.
  • Using a specific blog name limits what you can write about. If your blog name is Pro Marketer and you start talking about fourth of July fireworks (see what we did there?), your viewers might become confused.
  • Humans evolve. Humans change. Why would you create a static name for a blog in such a growing and changing industry?
  • Talking about the same topics year after year can become mundane. Without a specific blog title, your company can feel free to evolve your content as you please.

Should a Company Name Their Blog

As you can see, there are both advantages and disadvantages to naming your company’s blog. Ultimately, if you do decide to create a name for your company’s blog, don’t just go into it blindly…

Tips for Naming Your Company’s Blog:

  • Create an original and unique name to ensure your blog stands out from others. Does it convey images that are relative to your industry, whether it’s inbound marketing or something else? Would a customer remember the name after hearing it only one time? These are all questions to consider when developing a name.
  • Ensure that the company blog name is readable, pronounceable and spellable. Creating a clever word related to your field can be cute and witty, but if nobody remembers how to spell it, it becomes worthless.
  • Think about your industry and your competitors. Consider making a creative name to give you that extra oomf. This name will be very important in positioning your brand in the field.
  • Have fun with it and add personality, but keep it professional. When it comes down to it, your company’s blog name is your brand. Think about it carefully before you finally choose whether or not you want to name your blog.

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