In January of 2015, my daughter and son in law had announced they were going to have a baby. One week earlier… I had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Living through the fear

Having the knowledge that I had cancer felt like a death sentence. Initially, my body shivered for 24 hours as one does with the symptoms of shock. So now at the news of a new grandchild I was filled with so many different emotions: joy, happiness, ambivalence and fear. But mostly fear. Fear that maybe I wouldn’t live to see him. Fear that maybe my time would be cut too short or I would be too sickly to hold him and love him.

However, through the coming months, I stood firm in my faith and I knew that God was in control. I knew that God had somehow allowed all of this to happen and he planned to use it for GOOD, no matter what the outcome…

After my surgery and follow-up drug protocol, I was told that I had a very optimistic future, but I realized God wasn’t done with me yet.

My strength

As I said earlier, he was going to use this entire situation for good, and now I can see the good that’s come of it.

First of all, I had never felt God’s presence as strong and as real as I did through those tough times. My faith has grown stronger and deeper as the joy in my life is so much sweeter now. I appreciate my life and the lives of every human being with so much fervor.

The birth of my second grandson came at just the right time. I was there during the miracle of his birth and was able to hold that newborn angel in my arms. Several months later, I was honored to be his Godmother. I now have 3 grandchildren and another on the way. My life is so full and rich and I’m enjoying every moment with my loved ones and friends! On top of it all, my heart still swells with faith, love and happiness.

Lois DePeri

It only made me stronger

I’m extremely passionate about sharing my cancer experience and the many blessings that have come as a result: My faith and love for God, my zeal for life, my heartfelt concern and my sincere compassion for others going through what I went through.

For me, breast cancer was an interruption in my life. However, it was an opportunity to learn, grow and become a much better person!

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