Yesterday, we gathered together at our office with good food, great drinks and even better people for our second quarterly HUG event in the northern New Jersey region. We welcomed Rachel Sprung, Product Marketing Manager at HubSpot, to speak about the importance of blogging in your company. Along with many other operations, Rachel believes blogging is such a critical topic for an organization that she regularly contributes to HubSpot’s own inbound marketing blog.

What is HUG?

As endearing as it may sound, we are not speaking about embracing each other with open arms (although this sort of thing may happen at HUG NJ). HubSpot User Groups, known as HUGs, are valuable events where users can gain educational insight in regards to inbound marketing and HubSpot software best practices.

At events, members are able to discuss, share and network with other users in the northern New Jersey area. We believe HUGs are a great way to learn about inbound marketing and blogging while in a pleasant and social environment. It’s just one of the many reasons why we love them!


Our Meetup

After mingling and enjoying appetizers and refreshments at the start of the event, attendees made their way into the conference room to watch Rachel’s presentation. Our attendees included other HubSpot users in the northern NJ area, co-workers and clients.

Rachel talked to everyone about how to create content, optimize with keywords and generate more traffic to their blogs. Rachel’s tips included that, “businesses who blog average 55% more website visitors than those who don’t.” Rachel went on to explain the pros of blogging and the pros of HubSpot.

We all had such a fantastic time listening that after the event, guests stayed to socialize, share more stories and even play some games of foosball.


Want to be a part of our next HUG event?

If this type of event is something you and your company would be interested in, we would love to see you at the next quarterly HUG NJ event! The next event will be on September 15th at a location TBA.

Click here to register for the northern NJ HubSpot User Group and start networking with similar inbound marketers.