Meet Melissa Torres: One of Our New Interns!


I’m Melissa.

My friends and family call me Mel, Meli or Torres, but you can call me whatever you’d like.

It’s cool, I can tell you’re a great person.

Though, I must admit whenever someone calls me ‘Melissa,’ I get the sense that they’re mad at me.

I can tell you’re a smart person, so let’s go with Torres.

Currently, I’m a senior at Montclair State University.

A subdivision of Harvard in case you didn’t know.

There, I’m majoring in Communications Studies with a concentration in Public Relations. Mainly because I talk a lot so why not sharpen that skill?

I was the President of the Montclair State University PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) Chapter for three years, where I assisted my peers, and built friendships as well as connections that I will cherish forever.

The best part about attending MSU is my 10-minute commute and Professor Larry Weiner, who has been my second father through this entire journey.

What’s Melissa Torres about?

I’m all about my family, friends…


My son. Don’t panic!

He is a one-year-old Husky-Pomeranian that rocks our world.

I was raised by young parents, who I owe the world to. They are no longer in their 30’s, but if you’re reading this mom, I still consider you young.

We migrated from Medellin, Colombia when I was only seven years old.

Since I don’t have any siblings I lean on my friends for a lot… A little too much.

Other than being each other’s therapists… We work out together, shop together, eat together, and of course, party together.

We love spending time in NYC. During the weekend, you can find us somewhere in the Meatpacking District or Soho.

A couple of things that my friends and family would tell you about me are that I eat a lot and refuse to stay at home.

To me, buying food is the best way to spend money. I’m sure, at one point or another, you and I will have a conversation about restaurants.

About me not being home… yeah… I am a strong believer in making the most out of my day and being at home is not part of that belief.

I stay out of my shoebox (house) by practicing kickboxing, spinning and yoga classes during the week.

DSM + Melissa Torres? How?  

I had the pleasure of working with Jason Diller and Gina Gonzalez through the NJ Ad Club, where I interned for 10 months.

Side note: It’s an incredible organization from which I got the opportunity to meet extremely talented marcomm (Marketing + Communication) professionals such as:

Since Diller is part of the Board of Directors at The NJ Ad Club, he invited me to work with him and Gina at the old DSM.

The second coolest place I’ve been to since the new office absolutely takes first.

Together, they introduced me to their co-workers and gave me a tour of the building.

I immediately fell in love with DSM’s culture and appreciated the people who would become my kind, friendly and energetic co-workers. Once my internship ended, I applied online at DSM and the rest is history.

I am grateful for the opportunity and look forward to learning as much as possible… and possibly, working here come January (fingers crossed.)