Holidays are the perfect time to attract people to your business and celebrate with fun marketing strategies. But don’t just limit yourself to days like Christmas and the 4th of July – anyone can create a marketing plan around those.

This marketing calendar lists every holiday in 2016.

Now you can add some individuality and excitement to your marketing strategy. Whether you’re a marketing agency, a blue-collar business or an enterprise, great marketing can be found at all levels.


New Year’s Day: Friday, January 1 – when to start marketing: December 18

Ah, it’s a new year, people are making fresh starts, New Year’s resolutions haven’t been broken yet – with such high spirits, it’s the perfect time to unveil your new marketing plan for the year!

Stay true to your brand, but don’t be hesitant to change your tactics up a bit to bring a fresh start to your company. Just be sure to get a head start when it comes to planning your marketing strategies, so you can transition from 2015 to 2016 on a positive note.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: Monday, January 18 – when to start marketing: January 4

Martin Luther King, Jr. was a key figure in the civil rights movement, and we use this day to recognize the changes he was able to bring about to society. Channel his ambition and drive when planning your marketing efforts – don’t be afraid to be bold with your campaigns. With a well-planned strategy, the marketing dreams you have for your company can be achieved.

Other Marketing Ideas in January

January 1, Friday: National Bloody Mary Day
January 2, Saturday: National Cream Puff Day
January 3, Sunday: Fruitcake Toss Day
January 4, Monday: World Hypnotism Day
January 5, Tuesday: National Whipped Cream Day
January 6, Wednesday: National Shortbread Day
January 7, Thursday: I’m Not Going to Take It Anymore Day
January 8, Friday: Show and Tell at Work Day
January 9, Saturday: National Static Electricity Day
January 10, Sunday: Houseplant Appreciation Day
January 11, Monday: Cigarettes Are Hazardous to Your Health Day
January 12, Tuesday: Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution Day
January 13, Wednesday: National Rubber Ducky Day
January 14, Thursday: National Dress Up Your Pet Day
January 15, Friday: National Strawberry Ice Cream Day
January 16, Saturday: National Nothing Day
January 17, Sunday: Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day
January 18, Monday:< National Gourmet Coffee Day
January 19, Tuesday: National Popcorn Day
January 20, Wednesday: Penguin Awareness Day
January 21, Thursday:< One-Liners Day
January 22, Friday: Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day
January 23, Saturday: National Pie Day
January 24, Sunday: Beer Can Appreciation Day
January 25, Monday: Mac Computer Day
January 26, Tuesday: National Peanut Brittle Day
January 27, Wednesday: National Chocolate Cake Day
January 28, Thursday: Fun at Work Day
January 29, Friday: Seeing Eye Dog Day
January 30, Saturday: Yodel for Your Neighbors Day
January 31, Sunday: National Hot Chocolate Day


Groundhog Day: Tuesday, February 2 – when to start marketing: January 22

We all secretly hold our breath waiting to see what the groundhog says about the future of our weather (even if it is just a folklore). However, with the potential promise of warmer weather, customers will already begin to get excited about the change in seasons. Plan promotions and product releases that align with your customers’ wishes for the end of winter.

Super Bowl 50: Sunday, February 7 – when to start marketing: January 18

Use the most-watched U.S. television event to your company’s advantage – football fans and non-fans alike look forward to this broadcasting event each year. Whether you’re using this holiday to boost promotions (perhaps based on some friendly competition for bets on the winning and losing team) or if you’re simply hosting a viewing party to get the office excited, don’t be afraid to go all out – this is the Super Bowl’s golden year, after all.

Mardi Gras: Tuesday, February 9 – when to start marketing: January 29

French for “Fat Tuesday,” Mardi Gras is the last day before Lent begins, signaling a day of celebration, food and fun. This year, bring the spirit of New Orleans to your customers with a fun in-store celebration…or, at the very least, have a themed lunch within the office and hand out beads to all your employees!

Valentine’s Day: Sunday, February 14 – when to start marketing: February 1

The holiday of love is the perfect time to show your team members some appreciation. Send an email out to the office thanking them for their hard work, or buy some chocolates to keep in the company kitchen area for employees to enjoy on their lunch break. Happy workers equals an appreciation for the job, undoubtedly boosting productivity – so don’t neglect your coworkers!

President’s Day: Monday, February 15 – when to start marketing: February 5

Lots of people have off from work on President’s Day, so this is where your company comes in – offer sales and promotions consumers can’t refuse to entice them to do some shopping on their day off. Get in contact with your customers via email with coupons they can use either online or in-store.

Other Marketing Ideas in February

February 1, Monday: National Baked Alaska Day
February 2, Tuesday: Crepe Day
February 3, Wednesday: National Wedding Ring Day
February 4, Thursday:National Thank a Mailman Day
February 5, Friday: World Nutella Day
February 6, Saturday: National Frozen Yogurt Day
February 7, Sunday: Send a Card to a Friend Day
February 8, Monday: Laugh and Get Rich Day
February 9, Tuesday: Read in the Bathtub Day
February 10, Wednesday: Umbrella Day
February 11, Thursday: National Make a Friend Day
February 12, Friday: National Lost Penny Day
February 13, Saturday: National Tortellini Day
February 14, Sunday: National Cream Filled Chocolates Day
February 15, Monday: National Gumdrop Day
February 16, Tuesday: Do a Grouch a Favor Day
February 17, Wednesday: Random Acts of Kindness Day
February 18, Thursday: Drink Wine Day
February 19, Friday: Prevent Plagiarism Day
February 20, Saturday: Love Your Pet Day
February 21, Sunday: Single-Tasking Day
February 22, Monday: National Margarita Day
February 23, Tuesday: National Banana Bread Day
February 24, Wednesday: National Tortilla Chip Day
February 25, Thursday: National Chocolate-Covered Peanuts Day
February 26, Friday: Levi Strauss Day
February 27, Saturday: National Kahlua Day
February 28, Sunday: National Public Sleeping Day
February 29, Monday: Leap Day


First Day of Spring: Sunday, March 20 – when to start marketing: March 1

So the weather may not have turned entirely warm yet (in fact, you still might be donning a winter jacket). But you can bet your customers are already anticipating that first sunny day. Help them get a taste of spring by marketing new products for the season or launching campaigns related to the warmer weather.

Easter: Sunday, March 27 – when to start marketing: March 7

Egg decorating, chocolate bunnies, spring flowers…even employees who don’t celebrate Easter will appreciate these workday perks. Throw an event in the office to celebrate both the holiday, as well as a successful first three months of the new year.

Other Marketing Ideas in March

March 1, Tuesday: National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day
March 2, Wednesday: National Old Stuff Day
March 3, Thursday: I Want You to Be Happy Day
March 4, Friday: National Grammar Day
March 5, Saturday: National Cheese Doodle Day
March 6, Sunday: National Frozen Food Day
March 7, Monday: National Be Heard Day
March 8, Tuesday: International Women’s Day
March 9, Wednesday: Get Over It Day
March 10, Thursday: International Day of Awesomeness
March 11, Friday: Dream Day
March 12, Saturday: Girl Scout Day
March 13, Sunday: National Coconut Torte Day
March 14, Monday: International Ask a Question Day
March 15, Tuesday: Everything You Think is Wrong Day
March 16, Wednesday: Everything You Do is Right Day
March 17, Thursday: St. Patrick’s Day
March 18, Friday: Awkward Moments Day
March 19, Saturday: Client’s Day
March 20, Sunday: Alien Abduction Day
March 21, Monday: National French Bread Day
March 22, Tuesday: National Goof-Off Day
March 23, Wednesday: National Puppy Day
March 24, Thursday National Cocktail Day
March 25, Friday: International Waffle Day
March 26, Saturday: National Make Up Your Own Holiday Day
March 27, Sunday: Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day
March 28, Monday: National Hot Tub Day
March 29, Tuesday: National Mom and Pop Business Owner’s Day
March 30, Wednesday: National I Am in Control Day
March 31, Thursday: National Crayola Crayon Day


April Fool’s Day: Friday, April 1 – when to start marketing: April 1

Who doesn’t love a good laugh? By pulling a harmless prank on your customers (like a funny email), you’re sure to leave an impression and get your company’s brand and culture across. Plus, we’re sure the employees within your office would get a kick out of some office pranks throughout the day – nothing too crazy, but just enough to keep everyone guessing.

Earth Day: Friday, April 22 – when to start marketing: April 4

Go above and beyond in your environmentalist efforts to show your customers how much you care this Earth Day. Whether it’s a new environmentally-friendly product or simple tips on how to love our planet, consumers (and the Earth!) will thank you for your efforts.

Other Marketing Ideas in April

April 1, Friday: Fun at Work Day
April 2, Saturday: World Autism Awareness Day
April 3, Sunday: Don’t Go to Work Unless It’s Fun Day
April 4, Monday: Vitamin C Day
April 5, Tuesday: National Deep Dish Pizza Day
April 6, Wednesday: National Hostess Twinkie Day
April 7, Thursday: National Beer Day
April 8, Friday: National Empanada Day
April 9, Saturday: Name Yourself Day
April 10, Sunday: National Cinnamon Crescent Day
April 11, Monday: April 12, Tuesday: Drop Everything and Read Day
April 13, Wednesday: National Peach Cobbler Day
April 14, Thursday: International Moment of Laughter Day
April 15, Friday: Titanic Remembrance Day
April 16, Saturday: National Stress Day
April 17, Sunday: Bat Appreciation Day
April 18, Monday: National Animal Crackers Day
April 19, Tuesday: Bicycle Day
April 20, Wednesday: Lima Bean Respect Day
April 21, Thursday: Bulldogs are Beautiful Day
April 22, Friday: National Jelly Bean Day
April 23, Saturday: Passover
April 24, Sunday: National Pigs-in-a-Blanket Day
April 25, Monday: National Mani-Pedi Day
April 26, Tuesday: National Pretzel Day
April 27, Wednesday: National Prime Rib Day
April 28, Thursday: Cubicle Day
April 29, Friday: International Dance Day
April 30, Saturday: National Honesty Day


Cinco de Mayo: Thursday, May 5 – when to start marketing: April 25

Celebrate within your office for Cinco de Mayo with a fiesta! With some busy summer months ahead, this is a great way to boost morale among coworkers and get them excited for your upcoming marketing campaigns. Emphasize those Mexican traditions and celebrate with lots of food and activities!

Mother’s Day: Sunday, May 8 – when to start marketing: April 18

Take this day to recognize mothers both within your office and from your customer pool. Offer gifts specifically for the holiday and encourage customers to take some time out of their days to thank their moms. Honor your consumers’ mothers, mothers who buy from your company and even employees in the office who have children – they’ll appreciate the recognition you give them.

Memorial Day: Monday, May 30 – when to start marketing: May 16

This Memorial Day, be sure to honor those who have fallen while serving our country. Through direct mail and emails, you can send messages of remembrance to consumers. Chances are, they might know someone who served in the military, and will be grateful to see that you care.

Customers also treat Memorial Day weekend as the official first weekend of summer, so let your marketing tactics reflect that. Don’t let your company be forgotten while your customers are enjoying the beaches and barbeques.

Other Marketing Ideas in May

May 1, Sunday: National Chocolate Parfait Day
May 2, Monday: Scurvy Awareness Day
May 3, Tuesday: Paranormal Day
May 4, Wednesday: National Candied Orange Peel Day
May 5, Thursday: Cinco de Mayo
May 6, Friday:> International No Diet Day
May 7, Saturday: National Roast Leg of Lamb Day
May 8, Sunday: National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day
May 9, Monday: National Lost Sock Memorial Day
May 10, Tuesday: National Clean Up Your Room Day
May 11, Wednesday: National Twilight Zone Day
May 12, Thursday: Limerick Day
May 13, Friday: World Cocktail Day
May 14, Saturday: May 15, Sunday: National Chocolate Chip Day
May 16, Monday: Love a Tree Day
May 17, Tuesday: Pack Rat Day
May 18, Wednesday: International Museum Day
May 19, Thursday: National Devil’s Food Cake Day
May 20, Friday: Pick Strawberries Day
May 21, Saturday: National Waiters and Waitresses Day
May 22, Sunday: Buy a Musical Instrument Day
May 23, Monday: World Turtle Day
May 24, Tuesday: International Tiara Day
May 25, Wednesday: National Tap Dance Day
May 26, Thursday: National Blueberry Cheesecake Day
May 27, Friday: National Grape Popsicle Day
May 28, Saturday: National Hamburger Day
May 29, Sunday: World Digestive Health Day
May 30, Monday: Water a Flower Day
May 31, Tuesday: Save Your Hearing Day


Father’s Day: Sunday, June 19 – when to start marketing: June 3

Lots of stores and organizations offer deals specifically for Father’s Day, so why let your company fall behind? In the weeks before this holiday, your customers will be searching for that perfect gift for dad – so now’s the time to help them out! Offer promotions on products that fathers would love, and give your consumers an idea of what they might want to buy as a gift for their fathers.

First Day of Summer: Monday, June 20 – when to start marketing: June 1

The school year is ending, families are leaving for vacation…don’t let consumers forget about your company as they begin enjoying the hot weather! Promote a summery product, launch an exciting new campaign to celebrate the season – anything to remind your customers how awesome you are.

Other Marketing Ideas in June

June 1, Wednesday: Say Something Nice Day
June 2, Thursday: National Rocky Road Day
June 3, Friday: National Chocolate Macaroon Day
June 4, Saturday: Hug Your Cat Day
June 5, Sunday: Hot Air Balloon Day
June 6, Monday: Drive-In Movie Day
June 7, Tuesday: National Chocolate Ice Cream Day
June 8, Wednesday: Best Friends Day
June 9, Thursday: Donald Duck Day
June 10, Friday: National Iced Tea Day
June 11, Saturday: National Making Life Beautiful Day
June 12, Sunday: Red Rose Day
June 13, Monday: Kitchen Klutzes of America Day
June 14, Tuesday: Flag Day
June 15, Wednesday: National Smile Power Day
June 16, Thursday: National Fudge Day
June 17, Friday: National Eat Your Vegetables Day
June 18, Saturday: National Splurge Day
June 19, Sunday: National Martini Day
June 20, Monday: National Ice Cream Soda Day
June 21, Tuesday: World Handshake Day
June 22, Wednesday: National Chocolate Eclair Day
June 23, Thursday: Public Service Day
June 24, Friday: Celebration of the Senses Day
June 25, Saturday: Log Cabin Day
June 26, Sunday: Tropical Cocktails Day
June 27, Monday: National PTSD Awareness Day
June 28, Tuesday: Insurance Awareness Day
June 29, Wednesday: Hug Holiday
June 30, Thursday: Social Media Day


Independence Day: Monday, July 4 – when to start marketing: June 20

Get involved and help your customers celebrate their 4th of July this year! They’re already busy enough barbequing and lighting sparklers, so try to assist them in some other way. Help support local celebrations within your town to get your name out there and make a presence for yourself within the community. Or, you can even compile information on local programs for your customers, such as fireworks in the county, to help them get a head start on planning their Independence Day festivities.

Other Marketing Ideas in July

July 1, Friday: International Chicken Wing Day
July 2, Saturday: World UFO Day
July 3, Sunday: National Compliment Your Mirror Day
July 4, Monday: Sidewalk Egg Frying Day
July 5, Tuesday: National Workaholics Day
July 6, Wednesday: Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day
July 7, Thursday: Global Forgiveness Day
July 8, Friday: Video Games Day
July 9, Saturday: National Sugar Cookie Day
July 10, Sunday: Pick Blueberries Day
July 11, Monday: National Cheer Up the Lonely Day
July 12, Tuesday: National Eat Your Jello Day
July 13, Wednesday: Embrace Your Geekness Day
July 14, Thursday: Shark Awareness Day
July 15, Friday: Gummy Worm Day
July 16, Saturday: National Personal Chef Day
July 17, Sunday: World Emoji Day
July 18, Monday: National Caviar Day
July 19, Tuesday: New Friends Day
July 20, Wednesday: Nap Day
July 21, Thursday: National Junk Food Day
July 22, Friday: Hammock Day
July 23, Saturday: National Hot Dog Day
July 24, Sunday: National Tequila Day
July 25, Monday: National Hot Fudge Sundae Day
July 26, Tuesday: Aunt and Uncles Day
July 27, Wednesday: Take Your Pants for a Walk Day
July 28, Thursday: National Milk Chocolate Day
July 29, Friday: National Lipstick Day
July 30, Saturday: International Day of Friendship
July 31, Sunday: National Cotton Candy Day


Back to School: beginning near the end of August – when to start marketing: August 8

Kids may not be thrilled about the idea of sitting in a classroom again…but parents are likely to be just a bit excited about the newfound peace and quiet during the day! Celebrate the return of schooldays by promoting any and all back-to-school products that your company sells. Parents will be grateful for the good deals they can get on merchandise, and children will look forward to school a little bit more if they have some fun new stuff to show off on the first day.

Other Marketing Ideas in August

August 1, Monday: National Mustard Day
August 2, Tuesday: International Forgiveness Day
August 3, Wednesday: National Watermelon Day
August 4, Thursday: National White Wine Day
August 5, Friday: Work Like a Dog Day
August 6, Saturday: National Root Beer Float Day
August 7, Sunday: National Lighthouse Day
August 8, Monday: Sneak Some Zucchini onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day
August 9, Tuesday: Book Lovers Day
August 10, Wednesday: National S’mores Day
August 11, Thursday: Son and Daughter Day
August 12, Friday: Middle Child’s Day
August 13, Saturday: Left Hander’s Day
August 14, Sunday National Creamsicle Day
August 15, Monday: Relaxation Day
August 16, Tuesday: National Tell a Joke Day
August 17, Wednesday: National Thrift Shop Day
August 18, Thursday: National Soft Ice Cream Day
August 19, Friday: National Potato Day
August 20, Saturday: National Lemonade Day
August 21, Sunday: Senior Citizens Day
August 22, Monday: Be an Angel Day
August 23, Tuesday: National Spongecake Day
August 24, Wednesday: National Peach Pie Day
August 25, Thursday: Kiss and Make Up Day
August 26, Friday: Hug Your Boss Day
August 27, Saturday: Just Because Day
August 28, Sunday: Red Wine Day
August 29, Monday: More Herbs, Less Salt Day
August 30, Tuesday: National Toasted Marshmallow Day
August 31, Wednesday: National Trail Mix Day


Labor Day: Monday, September 5 – when to start marketing: August 26

With the summer coming to a close, your customers are likely to be a bit moody. Help boost their spirits by launching exciting new products for the fall, and promoting big Labor Day sales on merchandise for your company.

On another note (and in the true spirit of Labor Day), use this time to celebrate the hard work your team has accomplished throughout the year thus far. Make sure they know that their efforts are not going unnoticed, and that the work they invest in the company is truly appreciated.

First Day of Fall: Thursday, September 22 – when to start marketing: September 9

Pumpkin picking, hot apple cider, colorful landscapes…just the thought of fall has people itching to get into the spirit of the changing season. Play to this excitement and emphasize the start of fall in your marketing campaigns. Consumers will associate your company with their excitement for autumn, creating a positive image for your organization in their minds.

Other Marketing Ideas in September

September 1, Thursday: National Cherry Popover Day
September 2, Friday: V-J Day
September 3, Saturday: National Skyscraper Day
September 4, Sunday: Eat an Extra Dessert Day
September 5, Monday: National Be Late for Something Day
September 6, Tuesday: Fight Procrastination Day
September 7, Wednesday: Neither Rain Nor Snow Day
September 8, Thursday: International Literacy Day
September 9, Friday: Teddy Bear Day
September 10, Saturday: Swap Ideas Day
September 11, Sunday: Make Your Bed Day
September 12, Monday: National Day of Encouragement
September 13, Tuesday: Positive Thinking Day
September 14, Wednesday: National Cream-Filled Donut Day
September 15, Thursday: National Thank You Day
September 16, Friday: National Play-Doh Day
September 17, Saturday: National Apple Dumpling Day
September 18, Sunday: National Cheeseburger Day
September 19, Monday: International Talk Like a Pirate Day
September 20, Tuesday: National Punch Day
September 21, Wednesday: Miniature Golf Day
September 22, Thursday: Elephant Appreciation Day
September 23, Friday: Great American Pot Pie Day
September 24, Saturday: National Punctuation Day
September 25, Sunday: National One-Hit Wonder Day
September 26, Monday: National Pancake Day
September 27, Tuesday: Crush a Can Day
September 28, Wednesday: Ask a Stupid Question Day
September 29, Thursday: National Mocha Day
September 30, Friday: Chewing Gum Day


Columbus Day: Monday, October 10 – when to start marketing: September 30

Get inspired by Christopher Columbus and explore the various marketing tactics that are out there for your company to try. Maybe in the past, your marketing efforts haven’t always been smooth sailing, but when you hit rough waters, it’s important to just sail on (okay, we’re done with the puns, we promise). But really, examine which marketing methods have worked for your company so far this year, and begin to figure out what needs to be changed, eliminated or added for next year.

Halloween: Monday, October 31 – when to start marketing: October 3

You’re never too old to dress up and enjoy some candy on Halloween, and we can bet your customers and employees alike have been getting at least a little excited for this holiday all month. This year, encourage your office to come into work in a costume, or throw a Halloween party for workers. Sharing pictures of all the wacky and creepy costume ideas your team designs will show off your company’s culture, as well as get consumers excited for the holiday.

Other Marketing Ideas in October

October 1, Saturday: World Vegetarian Day
October 2, Sunday: Name Your Car Day
October 3, Monday: Rosh Hashana
October 4, Tuesday: National Golf Day
October 5, Wednesday: Do Something Nice Day
October 6, Thursday: Mad Hatter Day
October 7, Friday: Bald and Free Day
October 8, Saturday: National Pierogi Day
October 9, Sunday: Fire Prevention Day
October 10, Monday: National Angel Food Cake Day
October 11, Tuesday: Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day
October 12, Wednesday: Yom Kippur
October 13, Thursday: Silly Sayings Day
October 14, Friday: National Dessert Day
October 15, Saturday: Global Handwashing Day
October 16, Sunday: Bosses Day
October 17, Monday: National Pasta Day
October 18, Tuesday: No Beard Day
October 19, Wednesday: Evaluate Your Life Day
October 20, Thursday: Brandied Fruit Day
October 21, Friday: National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day
October 22, Saturday: CAPS LOCK DAY
October 23, Sunday: National Boston Cream Pie Day
October 24, Monday: Make a Difference Day
October 25, Tuesday: Mother-in-Law Day
October 26, Wednesday: National Pumpkin Day
October 27, Thursday: American Beer Day
October 28, Friday: National Chocolate Day
October 29, Saturday: National Frankenstein Day
October 30, Sunday: National Candy Corn Day
October 31, Monday: Increase Your Psychic Powers Day


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Veterans Day: Friday, November 11 – when to start marketing: November 1

Use this day to honor those who have protected our country. Put forth extra efforts to recognize your customers who either are veterans or know veterans, and make sure they know they’re appreciated. You can even take some time as an office to support our veterans in some way, whether it’s participating in a walk to raise money or collecting supplies for a cause like Backpacks for Life. Not only will this increase awareness of your brand among the public, but consumers will also get to see how much you truly care for others.

Thanksgiving: Thursday, November 24 – when to start marketing: November 7

Show thanks for your customers and the service they’ve given you over the years by sending out direct mail and emails expressing your gratitude. Let’s face it, where would your company be without your loyal customers? Consider that thought as you compose your messages to them – after all, you’ll want to ensure they stay with your company in the future too.

Black Friday: Friday, November 25 – when to start marketing: November 7

Now that Thanksgiving has ended, everyone suddenly finds themselves in a frenzy of Christmas-gift shopping! Black Friday is known for its hectic shopping days and product promotions, so in order to keep up with other companies, it basically becomes a necessity to offer some deals of your own. In the spirit of Black Friday, people rush to any and all sales, so make sure you get the word out about your company’s promotions!

Other Marketing Ideas in November

November 1, Tuesday: World Vegan Day
November 2, Wednesday: Deviled Egg Day
November 3, Thursday: Sandwich Day
November 4, Friday: National Candy Day
November 5, Saturday: National Men Make Dinner Day
November 6, Sunday: National Nachos Day
November 7, Monday: Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day
November 8, Tuesday: International Tongue Twister Day
November 9, Wednesday: Chaos Never Dies Day
November 10, Thursday Vanilla Cupcake Day
November 11, Friday: Veterans Day
November 12, Saturday: Chicken Soup for the Soul Day
November 13, Sunday: World Kindness Day
November 14, Monday: National Pickle Day
November 15, Tuesday: National Philanthropy Day
November 16, Wednesday: Fast Food Day
November 17, Thursday: Take a Hike Day
November 18, Friday: Mickey Mouse Day
November 19, Saturday: Great American Smokeout
November 20, Sunday: Beautiful Day
November 21, Monday: False Confession Day
November 22, Tuesday: Cashew Day
November 23, Wednesday: National Espresso Day
November 24, Thursday: Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day
November 25, Friday: National Parfait Day
November 26, Saturday: National Cake Day
November 27, Sunday: Pins and Needles Day
November 28, Monday: National French Toast Day
November 29, Tuesday: Square Dance Day
November 30, Wednesday: Stay at Home Because You Are Well Day


First Day of Winter: Wednesday, December 21 – when to start marketing: December 1

Your customers may be hiding indoors by the fireplace to avoid the snowy weather, but don’t let that deter your marketing efforts! Make sure you maintain your presence in the minds of your consumers…plus, with the winter holidays just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to remind customers that this is their last chance to grab a gift for that special someone.

Christmas: Sunday, December 25 – when to start marketing: November 28

Santa may be able to bring you lots of goodies, but he can’t do anything about your marketing efforts! Make sure you start your holiday campaigns early on so you can cut through the clutter of your competitors’ promotions and be heard by your consumers. It’s officially the season of giving, and your customers have gotten into the holiday spirit – provide them with some holiday deals that will have them feeling extra jolly.

Hanukkah: begins Sunday, December 25 – when to start marketing: December 5

With the start of Hanukkah falling on the same day as Christmas, holiday marketing campaigns can be bigger and better than ever. However, whereas Christmas is one big celebration, Hanukkah provides you with the opportunity to advertise for eight days of festivities. Recognize those within the office who celebrate the holiday with decorations like a menorah, and offer fun deals to customers, like eight days of promotions where each day boasts a new and exciting offer.

New Year’s Eve: Saturday, December 31 – when to start marketing: December 9

Another successful year of marketing campaigns – it’s time you celebrated all your achievements! Use this time to recognize both your team members and your customers. Help consumers ring in the new year on a high note with a fun product or promotion. Plus, reward your employees with an office party, a little gift for each person – anything to let them know their hard work didn’t go unnoticed. Cheers!

Other Marketing Ideas in December

December 1, Thursday: Eat a Red Apple Day
December 2, Friday: National Fritters Day
December 3, Saturday: National Roof Over Your Head Day
December 4, Sunday: Santa’s List Day
December 5, Monday: Day of the Ninja
December 6, Tuesday: Put on Your Own Shoes Day
December 7, Wednesday: National Cotton Candy Day
December 8, Thursday: National Brownie Day
December 9, Friday: Christmas Card Day
December 10, Saturday: Human Rights Day
December 11, Sunday: National Noodle Ring Day
December 12, Monday: National Poinsettia Day
December 13, Tuesday: Violin Day
December 14, Wednesday: Monkey Day
December 15, Thursday: National Lemon Cupcake Day
December 16, Friday: National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day
December 17, Saturday: National Maple Syrup Day
December 18, Sunday: Bake Cookies Day
December 19, Monday: Look for an Evergreen Day
December 20, Tuesday: Go Caroling Day
December 21, Wednesday: Humbug Day
December 22, Thursday: National Date Nut Bread Day
December 23, Friday: Festivus
December 24, Saturday: National Eggnog Day
December 25, Sunday: Pumpkin Pie Day
December 26, Monday Candy Cane Day
December 27, Tuesday: Make Cut-Out Snowflakes Day
December 28, Wednesday: Card Playing Day
December 29, Thursday: Pepper Pot Day
December 30, Friday: National Bicarbonate of Soda Day
December 31, Saturday: Make Up Your Mind Day

Use these holidays as a guideline for customizing your 2016 marketing calendar! Including holidays that are fun and quirky helps customers to understand your brand, and makes for some very happy workers in the office.