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Meet Lindy Duncan: One of Our Newest Interns!

My name is Dorothy Duncan, but my friends all call me Lindy (I have no idea why they do, nor do my parents). I am a 20-year-old Business Administration major with a concentration in marketing at Ramapo College of New Jersey, where I might pick up a minor in data analytics. In the fall I will be a junior. I will be (hopefully, if all goes to plan) graduating a semester early in December of 2020.

How I Decided on Marketing

I have always had an interest in both math and art, and my art teacher in middle school exposed me to graphic design. My love for math, specifically statistics grew throughout school, so combining the two is in a way marketing. Marketing allows me to use my creative side and my logistical side, and that’s why I love it!

Where I am From

I was born in Red Bank, New Jersey, and grew up in Little Silver, New Jersey, which is right by the beach. I went to elementary and middle school there until I moved to Maywood, New Jersey, in August of 2013, right before my freshman year of high school. That is where I still live now.

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My Family

I am the oldest kid in my immediate family. I have a younger sister, Caroline who is a soon-to-be sophomore at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. She and I were not always close; we fought like crazy growing up since we were so close in age (and the fact that I hated that she copied everything I did). I also have a younger brother, William, who will be a junior at Paramus Catholic in the fall. But, I am in the middle when it comes to my cousins. I have a huge extended family, which makes family parties that much more fun!

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What I Like To Do

Like any kid in college, or even high school, I like to hang out with my friends, and of course, go to the beach. I grew up at the beach and love going and visiting my grandparents, who still live 10 minutes from Long Branch! So a lot of weekends I am down the shore. Besides that, I have a deep obsession with Kate Spade. She is by far, my favorite designer. I own way too many bags by her, which leads to my love of shopping, of course.

I am a huge sports fan. Whether it is football or baseball, I am a fan. I love watching the Yankees, of course winning against the Red Sox, and watching the New Orleans Saints. My dad grew up in New Orleans, so it is in my blood! But I will go to any game! I went to a Mets Game at Citi Field last summer! Also, I am an avid coffee drinker, I always have an iced coffee in my hand, generally from Dunkin. But if you are from, or go to the jersey shore, I love Rook coffee. And if you’ve never had Rook try it!

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How I Got Here

My route to DSM was not so conventional. I was applying to internships, and going on interviews that were not a good fit for me. But after a few unsuccessful interviews,  I asked my manager where I work if she knew anyone. It turns out she is facebook friends with Darren Magarro, the president, so he offered me an interview. After the first interview, I loved it. The vibes and dynamic of the staff here are fantastic, so when they offered me a position for this summer as an intern, I did not even hesitate.

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