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Hitting A Home Run In Social Media

The World Series is just about to get started, so I thought I would use the analogy of hitting a home run in baseball to describe the importance of taking part in social media.

You just hit the ball and you are running towards first, you click “Create Account” on the YouTube website just as your foot hits the bag. Make sure that when you create your account on YouTube you have videos to post on your channel. Yes, you can post videos on Facebook, however, on YouTube anyone can see them. Once they are posted they are public, this means they have a greater chance of going viral and getting you more buzz.

You round first headed towards second and you see the ball soaring towards the outfield just as you get to second base you click the “Join Today” link on the LinkedIn website. Unlike the other social media sites, LinkedIn is really for personal use, but a business page can be created as well. LinkedIn is an online resume. It can help you if you are looking for a job, or if you’re looking to hire someone it can provide you with qualified candidates.

You know that this ball is going out of the park so you start to pick up speed as you head towards third. Just as you see the third base coach flailing his arms telling you to go home, you click the “New to Twitter?” link on the Twitter website. Once you are able to start tweeting you have to gain followers. To help gain followers, use hashtags (#), this will make your tweet public, and put your tweet in a feed with everyone else’s tweets who used that same hashtag. The trick to using Twitter is to keep your tweets short simple and to the point.

You are almost to home plate! Just as you touch home plate and the crowd goes wild, you click “Create Page” on Facebook. This will be the space where your business can update Fans with images, videos, links, and statuses. It acts as a second website. Facebook pages can even be branded to match your website. Another great thing about Facebook is the apps that they have, you can view your YouTube videos right on your Facebook, and even see allow your Fans to see you Twitter feeds.

Your business will be sure to score a run from the use of all these social media sites.

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