In the final bout for the heavyweight championship of the world, we have SurveyMonkey vs Goooooogle Forms (crowd cheers). Let’s get ready to rumbleeeeee…wait, what? Okay, so it may not be the heavyweight championship of the world, but if you’re deciding which online survey to use, these two are unanimously the top contenders out there.

If you’re new to making online surveys, or a pro just looking for some insight as to which service better suits your needs, we’ve got you covered. Coincidentally, my voice is as deep as the guy who says “Let’s get ready to rumble”, so if you need a deep voiced bro to announce something important, we’ve got you covered on that as well.


SurveyMonkey has been around since 1999 which tells us two things. It’s old (well, from a millennial’s point of view) and it knows what it’s doing. SurveyMonkey has been playing the survey game for years and knows the ins, outs and most recent innovations.

With over 15 million users, SurveyMonkey prides itself on the fact that it serves everyone’s needs – from large companies to startups, and businessmen to students.

SurveyMonkey has four different service packages to choose from, Basic, Select, Gold and Platinum depending on your company’s needs. Since I am a poor college student, I am all about the free stuff (mainly t-shirts and lollipops, but I’ll take what I can get) so we’ll focus on the Basic service. Buckle-up and enjoy the ride.

Why We Like It

  • Monitor on-the-go with mobile phone app.
  • Keyword-search feature to ease navigation.
  • Smart yet simple survey creation and editing system.
  • Does a solid, straightforward job on the core essentials of a survey.

What It’s Missing

  • Limited: Only 10 questions and 100 responses per survey.
  • Most other appealing functions are only available with paid membership.

Google Forms

Is there anything Google doesn’t do? Google Forms is awesome with its numerous functions, but here’s the problem: it’s a bit too basic. In the business world, there has been some debate on whether or not it is appropriate for professional use. Many people argue the service is better suited for pleasure.

On the other hand, if you use Google a lot (who doesn’t?) and also make use of Google’s extensive app selection as well, Google Forms may be the best option. It may be simple, but if you’re in a rush, need to get a survey out to the public quickly or just want impressive analytics in regard to responses, Google Forms is a top dog regardless of its simplicity.

What We Like About It

  • Already integrated into your other Google apps and Chrome browser.
  • Visually aggregated results through graphs, charts, etc..
  • Simple, easy to use and fills your basic needs.

What it’s Missing

  • Can get a bit pricy if you’re not doing the basic functions.
  • Prices can range from 10 cents to $3.50 depending on how tricky you get with it.
  • While it does have cool-looking graphs and analytics, you’ll have to pay for them.
  • The overall survey is a little bit too simple – some have deemed it unprofessional.

Our Winner Is…

Drumroll please…SurveyMonkey! Its free, easy to use and although it’s limited, SurveyMonkey serves all your basic needs without charge. Moreover, SurveyMonkey has been the leader in the industry and has heavy brand recognition in the U.S. as well as the international workplace.

Above all, SurveyMonkey is fun and easy to use. Google Forms has its perks but it is a little bit too plain. We’re a little nerdy here at DSM so we love the fun stuff SurveyMonkey has to offer when designing and creating surveys.

Google Forms and SurveyMonkey are the top two macho men out there and although SurveyMonkey may have won this round, Google Forms still has the heart of a champion (if that’s any consolation prize).

What is your experience with each website? Let us know in the comments below!


  • KTsurveymonkey says:

    Woohoo! SurveyMonkey all the way- of course, I may be a bit biased 😉 Thanks so much for putting each of these tools head to head. While we know Google Forms can give some great options for folks, SurveyMonkey has so much amazing features when it comes to question options, distribution methods (links, email invitations, Facebook, etc.) Also, the analytics are top notch! It’s true it takes a professional plan to export your data, but there are great discounts for students, as well as a monthly plan option at a modest price.

    3 cheers for your awesome article, Luke!

  • Luke says:

    @KTsurveymonkey:disqus Thanks!!! I agree, we love SurveyMonkey here, especially the analytics. I appreciate the comment!

  • Jonsey says:

    We use in our organisation, especially useful if you’re based in the UK..

  • Luke says:

    @Jonsey Thanks!! I just checked it out and you’re right, its awesome! Definitely one we’re gonna look into. Just from a simple browse of the website it passes the eye test. Qualtrics is also a pretty popular one as well! Gonna keep SmartSurvey in mind for the future, so thanks again!

  • jinkarten says:

    google is best

  • i prefer google forms